Slow cooking is meant to be easy!
This family sized slow cooker from Sunbeam is as easy as it gets!
Refined and engineered in Australia and put to rigorous testing, Sunbeam ensures a reliable product you can trust at a price you can afford  🙂






  • Removable ceramic cooking bowl in a 5.5L capacity
  • Brushed stainless steel outer housing which looks lovely on any kitchen bench
  • Glass lid to see what’s going on inside your cooker without heat escaping
  • Dishwasher safe cooking bowl and lid – we love a machine that makes even less work for us
  • Temperature control dial – no complicated digital displays – so you always know exactly what setting you’ve chosen and can change it at any time
  • Power on light so you are never in any doubt if your cooker is on/left on
  • Temperature settings: LOW, HIGH and KEEP WARM
  • Removable cord which is a feature I love for easy storage and also serving straight to the table
  • Cool touch handles and lid knob for added safety
  • Wrap around element to ensure even cooking and prevent sticking and need to stir
  • Recipe booklet include to get you started
  • 12 month replacement warranty
  • RRP $59.95 which is a fantastic price for this appliance




I’m excited to add this slow cooker to my collection and I’m sure you will be too!

Happy slow cooking everyone!




  1. Sharon Aashwell Scanlon

    I would love this as I could do a main in one and a dessert in another as I use mine 2-3 times a week.
    fingers crossed I get picked

  2. Potato bake or lasagna
    My poor slow cooker is that well used the functions settings have worn off and I keep burning things in it ?

  3. Love the convenience of slow cooking and all the different recipes I can make. Melt in your mouth Hoisin beef or slow cooked pulled bbq pork have to be firm favourites. Sunbeam is a very reliable and reputable brand and it would make my day if I was to win one.

  4. Oh how I miss my old sunbeam with the veggies drawn on the outside. I’d love to see a new one with that “retro” drawing too.

  5. I need this in my life!!
    My 3.5lt just ain’t cutting it (plus it’s as old as I can remember) That detachable cord feature ?

  6. I would love one as my old one died on me last week. Also i love reading your recipes and would love to try them out.

  7. Hi Pauline,

    Looking at getting this to add to my collection. How does it cook, does it run really slow? Thanks.

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