Sunbeam 7.5L SecretChef Slow Cooker

Sunbeam 7.5L SecretChef Slow Cooker


Are you looking for a large slow cooker?
How about THE LARGEST on the Australian market?
Sunbeam have that for you with their 7.5L SecretChef Slow Cooker!!


  • 7.5L removable ceramic cooking crock.  Perfect for serving straight to the dinner table!  Allowing you to create recipes large enough to feed 10+ serves this is ideal for large families or any catering or celebration featuring a slow cooker in the kitchen!
  • The crock is also oven safe! Great for reheating your slow precooked dishes in an oven not exceeding 160 degrees Celsius
  • This cooker features a wrap around element surrounding the crock insert to ensure even cooking.  This also helps prevent food sticking and eliminates the need to stir for even heat distribution
  • The cooking crock and lid is also dishwasher proof so Sunbeam makes clean up easy!
  • Glass lid to allow you to peak into your culinary creation at any time without lifting it and letting heat escape
  • Easy to read and use turn dial for settings: LOW, HIGH & WARM
  • The wide, easy to grip cool touch handles make it easy to carry safely when hot
  • Comes with a 12 month warranty



Let’s get cooking!

To test a large cooker I knew I had to start with something large!
Why not make use of all that space. I had to cook not one but TWO large Ginger Ale Silversides!
Usually one would be snug enough in a cooker but in the 7.5L Sunbeam SecretChef I could easily fit two x 1.5kg pieces of silverside side by side!
So not only did I have enough for dinner for a family of 5, but I also had enough sliced silverside for school lunches for the whole week and another nights easy dinner!  It was fantastic 🙂


Performance wise I couldn’t fault the 7.5L SecretChef
Everything cooked well and to expected time frames
I was very impressed and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend it to anyone looking for a large slow cooker!

Stay tuned because we’ll soon be giving some lucky members the chance to WIN this great slow cooker for themselves!!!





13 thoughts on “Sunbeam 7.5L SecretChef Slow Cooker”

  1. This is fantastic. Unreal 7.5 litres. I could not find a slow cooker this size at all. I have my other halve that does shift work and needs meals to take to work to eat very late at night. Mine at the moment is not big enough to be able to do that.
    Lots of times I have to do two meals, one during the day, then another over night. It can be a head ache. If anyone is married to a shift worker will understand how frustrating it can be!
    All of my appliances are Sunbeam, just recently bought a new kettle actually with the blue lights inside.

    Congratulations Sunbeam on another fantastic product that I would love to have.

  2. Fantastic. I have an old Goldair 5 litre that was given in 1981 and love to cook with it but it is a bit small. Have been looking for a larger size. Cant wait to get 1.

  3. I have this wonderful slow cooker. It’s awesome. I use it all the time. I like to cook meals with lots of leftovers and soups for the week. It cooks evenly. I overflowed it once but had no issues because it has two little outlets in the bottom to release the liquid. I think that saved it. Luckily.

  4. Wow! With this 7.5 litre one I could cook a meal for the whole family when we have our get togethers ….. no more borrowing another slow cooker from my daughter for the cook ups! Fabulous!!

  5. Patricia Harrison

    I would love to own this wonderful slow cooker. I am unable to enter to win it in the drawing because i don’t live in Australia. Could you please tell me where i can purchase one or where i can become a tester for slow cookers. I am obsessed with slow cookers.

  6. WOW what an amazing gift. Would love to win as it would be wonderful to try all these scrumptious recipes. Thank you ?

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