Sneaky Mac n cheese

Cheats way Mac n cheese, super cheesy and creamy and absolute heaven.
Can be served as a side or a complete main.

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Sneaky Mac n cheese

Cheats way Mac n cheese, super cheesy and creamy and absolute heaven. Can be served as a side or a complete main.
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Serving: 6
Prep Time 5 minutes
Cook Time 2 hours
Total Time 2 hours 5 minutes


  • 1 jar Chicken tonight style Cheese and bacon sauce (or similar)
  • 500g macaroni pasta
  • 500g (or a packet) grated cheese
  • 600mL thickened or cooking cream
  • 350g diced bacon
  • Minced garlic - to your taste


  • Place chicken tonight sauce, cheese, cream, garlic and bacon in slow cooker.
  • Mix ingredients together and cook on high for 1 hour.
  • Add in macaroni and cook for further hour
  • Serve


  • This recipe is served great as a main or a side, depending on your meal.
  • Remember to check your pasta before serving as it may not be cooked right through. This recipe was cooked in a 5.5L slow cooker and fed 2 people as a full meal with 4 servings left over.

18 thoughts on “Sneaky Mac n cheese”

  1. Just did a 1/4 batch of the Sneaky Mac n Cheese in my 1.5 lt. As per some of the comments I saw I doubled the Chicken Tonight, I also substituted the bacon for ham.

    Heated up the sauce for 20 min first in the slow cooker (saw that being mentioned a few other recipes), added the pasta and cooked for an hour and 10 min.

  2. Thanks so much for this recipe.
    The kids LOVE it. I only add 1x Jar of sauce; 250gm block cream cheese; 1x 250ml cooking cream; Milk accordingly; Italian herbs; S&P; chicken stock powder and a mixture of baking cheeses.
    Now they love it, I will slowly introduce grated veggies… lol
    Such an easy dinner. Thank you x

  3. General consensus was a hit. Although will probably need to fry off the bacon a tad before adding it to the mix.

    One kid wouldn’t eat it, but hey can’t win them all, lol. Now to start integrating veg into it so it’s a tad healthier, but very yummy.

    Did get a tad dry, but just added the water to rinse out the Chicken Tonight sauce & worked out fine.

  4. The only way I make this now.I ease up on the cream and I pan fry my bacon pieces .I used to make the packet stuff but this is way better

  5. Loved it so easy and no milk needed. I added mixed vege and had no bacon so used luncheon meat. Yum. Kid and partner loved it and even had left overs for lunch and tea tonight.

  6. This was super easy & very tasty ? everyone loved it & made plenty for 1 A 3 C & still had left overs for our freezer stash!!! I did keep watch as I didn’t want it to dry out, I did add tiny bit of water & then extra handful of cheese just before serving!! This is going in our monthly menu!! Thanks for sharing ? ?

  7. I am making this for the 3rd time in a month! Kids love it and are always asking it again- I use 2 jars of the cheese and bacon sauce and 400gms of bacon otherwise as per the recipe.

  8. I will never make this any other way than this recipe!. It has to be the easiest and tastiest Mac ‘n’ Cheese I’ve ever made.

  9. This recipe never fails!!! It make Plenty to feed a crowd, all little & big kids love this meal. Has loads of flavour & I mean who doesn’t love a good mac & cheese ?

  10. 4 stars
    Very tasty and so simple and easy. Will definitely become a regular in our house.
    I used 2 jars of the sauce as per other comments and the consistency was great

  11. Extra fussy grand kids had a taste test and wanted to stay for tea. Only change I made was added extra jar of chicken tonight as per previous comments. Will definitely make again

  12. 4 stars
    Very easy and very tasty I tweaked it a bit by adding dinosaur pasta instead as I have had a fussy toddler for a few weeks and I’m happy to say he had two helpings!!!

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