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You will often see in recipes that people will state to lay a teatowel (the cloth you dry your dishes with) between the slow cooker bowl top and the lid of the slow cooker. This is to absorb condensation and stop it from dripping down into the dish inside. It’s often used by members in cakes and breads etc that you don’t want to end up soggy.

We’ve made you a short instructional video on the Tea Towel trick HERE

I cannot say with 100% surety the safety of this method as it is not one slow cooker manufacturers recommend but instead is something the home slow cooker user has devised somewhere along the line.
When using one it is recommended to fold up excess fabric up onto your lid (you could secure it around the handle) so that it does not hang down over the hotter outer casing of the slow cooker.
People do have concerns about fire hazards with this but from what I have been able to learn myself from my internet research, cotton has an Autoignition temperature of 407 °C (765 °F). Your slow cooker will come no where near these temperatures.  However I would love to get feedback from anyone who has professional knowledge in this area.
Also the tea towel absorbs liquid during this process so it stays damp.   However it is totally personal choice if you feel this is safe for you to do or not with your slow cooker.

It is not recommended to use the tea towel in general recipe cooking just as a measure to reduce liquid in your dish.  Instead for risk minimisation with this technique, if you decide to use it, do so only for cakes and breads etc where water dripping onto them is a major issue.

Please make your own decision regarding the safety of this practice.
If in any doubt do not do this.

I personally recommend not leaving your home when you are using a tea towel in this way so that you are able to keep an eye on your slow cooker and the towel.

For some crafty folk they like to make actual covers for their slow cookers of various sizes.  Like the one in the picture above that my friend made for all my slow cookers 🙂

If you’d like to give that a go here is a great link that gives you a tutorial of how to make similar ones for yourself

TUTORIAL – Slow Cooker Lid Cover – Nannycraft4u

The designs and colours could be different for every slow cooker or every season if you so wanted 🙂

Happy sewing for your slow cooker!

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  1. Thanks so much for sharing the slow cooker lid cover idea & pattern, much appreciated. I will certainly be giving them a go.

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