Slow Cooker Carrot Cake

Slow Cooker Carrot Cake


November 12, 2014

  • Prep: 15 mins
  • Cook: 1 hr 30 mins
  • Yields: 12


2 Cups of Self Raising Flour

1 Cup of Walnuts (Roughly Chopped)

1 Large Carrot (Grated)

1 Cup of Vegetable Oil

3 Eggs (Lightly Beaten)

1 Cup of Brown Sugar (Firmly Packed)

1 Teaspoon of Cinnamon


1Mix all ingredients together in a bowl, spray pan/tin you plan to use and pour batter in.

2Sit pan/tin in Slow Cooker without any water and place a tea towel over the top.

3Cook for 90mins on high

Submitted by Ashlie


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