Sausages in gravy with a twist

Submitted by Melissa Rizzo

Sausages in gravy with a twist

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Prep Time 10 minutes
Cook Time 5 hours 30 minutes
Total Time 5 hours 40 minutes


  • 8 sausages
  • 2 tomatoes chopped up
  • 1 large onion chopped
  • 3 large mushrooms chopped
  • 1 tin of condensed tomato soup
  • About 5 heaped desert spoons of gravy powder
  • And roughly 4 cups of water (possibly a little more or less i didn't actually measure)


  • Put the water and gravy powder in and whisk
  • Then put in the tomato soup and whisk again to combine
  • Then put all other ingredients in and mixed thru
  • Cooked on low for 5 and half hours ?
  • Very easy and very nice


  • I also de-seeded my tomatoes but only because i don't like the seeds so I'm not sure if that would make a difference to thickness as mine was thick and not watery at all
  • Thickening tips is required >> How to thicken your slow cooker dish

18 thoughts on “Sausages in gravy with a twist”

  1. Followed this recipe exactly how it is written and found it to be very delicious. De seeding the tomatoes made such a big difference and 4 cups of water was perfect for us as we like a nice gravy with sausages.

  2. Was absolutely delicious, easy and cheap! Served it with mash but the remainder we chucked in some pasta so we could have it as a lunch dish tomorrow. Only thing we will add next time would be some veggies (possibly broccoli and carrot) thank u YUM!!

  3. Samantha Cooper

    This was delish. Added peas and corn. Also added extra gravy as i thought it was a little too much tomato taste. Heaps of left overs for lunch tomorrow ?

  4. Thinking of making this can you tell me what brand gravy powder you used was it gravox instant gravy or gravy powder, thanks

  5. I cooked this for a first time today and wow and very enjoyable and so tasty and this is on the list to cook again, i added peas

  6. 4 stars
    A really tasty easy to put together meal, although I did find it had a bit too much liquid – easily solved with instant potato flakes. Only 2 of us here so lots left over to have with pasta tonight, and maybe even more left over for a lunch snack tomorrow!

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