Sausage and Potato Casserole

Sausage and Potato Casserole


May 15, 2015

  • Prep: 10 mins
  • Cook: 8 hrs
  • Yields: 4-6 people


8-12 sausages cut up

4-5 potatoes, cubed

2-3 carrots, chopped

1/4 cup BBQ sauce

1/4 cup Tomato sauce

1 tbsp Worchestershire sauce

2-3 tbsp gravox

2-3 tsp Vegemite

1 cup water, plus a little bit extra if you think you need it.


1Put sausages, potatoes and carrots into slow cooker. Combine all other ingredients in a jug and mix well.

2Pour over sausages, potatoes & carrots in slow cooker and mix to coat everything.

3Don't worry if the liquid doesn't cover everything.

4Cook for 8 hours on low

Submitted by Andrea Bricknell


10 Reviews

Sarah Vriesen

August 13, 2022

This was super easy to prepare. I prepared everything the night before and just popped it into the slow cooker in the morning. I cooked it on low for 9 hours while I was at work, time I got home all I had to do was put it on plates. The house smelt amazing when I walked through the front door and it tasted delicious. Will definitely make this again


April 24, 2022

Can this be cooked on High as I am short on time. If so approximately how long will it need? Thank you.

Kayla Cangemi

January 11, 2019

Very tasty! I put onion, garlic and corn aswell! 5/5 ❤️

Bronwen ODonnell

September 9, 2018

OMG this is so tasty we all loved it ….. super easy with bags of flavour this could become a regular in our house 😊

With just one spoon I’m sure you could leave it out 🙂

Cheryl Tremayne

June 5, 2018

Is the Worcestershire sauce necessary? My husband seems to have taken a dislike to it.

Samantha Cooper

May 25, 2018

Had this for dinner and I was abit unsure of the vegemite being in there. But this was yummy 😊 will have it again. I had it with rice next time ill have with pasta
I added peas and corn and mushroom 1/2 hour before i served 😊

Natalie Batchelor

May 21, 2018

I made this tonight and it was delicious. Will be making it again. I made a couple of small changes, I browned the sausages first and then sliced them, I diced both the carrots and potatoes and added peas and corn just before serving. I cooked for 6 hours on low.


September 26, 2016

Delicious!! Added sweet potato, frozen peas and frozen corn (at the start) cooked to perfection, served over mashed spud

Karen Stuckings

June 23, 2016

Had this tonight and will be making again. I par boiled my sausages and replaced vegemite with beef stock powder. I also added corn and peas in last 1/2 hour and chopped shallots just before serving. 2 tbsp of gravox made it thick enough for my family

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