Redskin Fudge

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Redskin Fudge

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Serving: 10
Prep Time 10 minutes
Cook Time 1 hour 30 minutes
Total Time 1 hour 40 minutes


  • 1 bag Redskin lollies (approx 20)
  • 1 tin Condensed milk
  • 2 Γ— white chocolate blocks
  • 2 tablespoons butter


  • Melt all together in slow cooker on high. lid off. Stirring every 10 mins for 1.5hrs.
  • Once combined and mixed, ,pour into pan lined with baking paper and set in fridge over night.
  • I added some rock candy on the top but u can sprinkle anything. .. even leave 1 redskin out, freeze it and smash it up to sprinkle on.

40 thoughts on “Redskin Fudge”

  1. Jason Anderson

    Delicious! The fudge is soft, but has a great flavour. The Red Skin taste isn’t super strong, so if you love that flavour you might want to put in more Red Skins, but for us it was fine.

  2. First fudge I have made, and wow! Was super easy and SO tasty! Made quite a bit to, so decided to share the joy with the blokes at work. All enjoyed it very much.

  3. Hi!! Just needing to know how many grams for the chocolate as I have milky bar chocolate which is 180g and dream which is 200g. Thanks πŸ™‚

  4. Absolutely delicious, simple and easy to clean up. Love the fact that it is virtually impossible to burn!! The only problem is – I can’t stop eating it!!

  5. Kay-lenne Christie

    2:07am been waiting all night to cut this up for hubby to take with him for work.
    I dont know if i messed it up (i did exactly what recipe said)
    But this mix is sickly sweet, can hardly taste the red skins and its soft, i mean real soft!
    I used 1 bag of red skin lollies
    1 tin condenced milk
    2 blocks of Cadburry dream white chocolate
    2 table spoons of butter.
    Will try another piece in the morning.

  6. How can you make it a little firmer as it seems to be a little to soft and hard to pick up once out of fridge for a few minutes ?

  7. I used 600g white choc and MOST of a bag of redskins (15 instead of all 18) and it came out a bit sticky but very yummy. Thanks for the recipe ?

  8. Rachel Maree Finney

    Absolutely beautiful recipe. Was my first attempt at cooking fudge in my slow cooker! Very happy with the results ??

  9. It’s absolutely delicous but can you please revise the recipe with actual weights for the ingredients? That would be very helpful. Thanks.

  10. My first time making fudge and it came out perfectly. I used two 290g bags of white choc drops instead of the blocks. Very easy to make and so freakin good to eat.

  11. First fudge made. Family and friends loved it. I used 2 and a half blocks of milky bar chocolate and the packet of redskins had 19 in it. Turned out perfect. Making it again for friends that missed the last batch I made lol

  12. Christine Moroney

    I made this for my eldest Granddaughter who is 18 she absolutely loved it l added an extra 5 Redskins for extra taste easy to make

  13. Tasted amazing but very sweet. Kids loved it but must admit one piece every day was enough for me.

  14. Tamara Coulstock

    I used about 600-650grams of white chocolate because the first time I made it, it was quite sticky. This time it was perfect and It taste amazing ?

  15. Love love love this fudge. Delicious creamy redskin flavour. I use dream white chocolate or if I have blocks of milky bar I’ll use that. Either way it tastes amazing family and friends get excited when they know I’ve been binge slow cooking fudges

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