Pumpkin Soup


May 24, 2018

  • Prep: 20 mins
  • Cook: 5 hrs


1 whole Kent pumpkin

6 medium to large white potatoes

2 massell chicken stock cubes

3 Birdseye frozen spinach blocks

1 litre of water (this works for us but use more or less depending on how thick/thin you like your soup)

3 rashers of bacon


1Cut up pumpkin and potatoes to fit in slow cooker,

2Crumble stock cube over pumpkin and potato, add water.

3I cooked on high for about 4-5 hrs but you could probably put on low and leave overnight. Puree.

4I fried up bacon and stirred through after I had puréed

5Could use bacon as garnish.

Submitted by Tamara Cox


2 Reviews

Massell is just a brand of stock cubes. I think the 7 was a typo by the recipe submitter so I’ve removed that now


July 8, 2019

When you say 2 massell 7 chicken stock cubes what does 2 massell mean?
Does the recipe call for 7 chicken stock cubes or 2 chicken stock cubes

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