Pork Steaks in Creamy Pepper Sauce


April 3, 2020

  • Prep: 15 mins
  • Cook: 2 hrs
  • Yields: 4


800g thin pork schnitzel/minute steaks (approx. 12)

1 small onion fine diced

300ml cooking cream

2 tsp beef stock powder

1T minced garlic

1 x 55g can green pepper corns, drained

2T cornflour with 2T water, made into slurry, to add only at end if thickening required


1Place pork steaks in slow cooker and top with diced onion

2Combine all other ingredients except cornflour and pour over

3Mix around to coat steaks in sauce

4Cook on high for 2hrs, adding cornflour slurry in the final 15mins to thicken


1These are very thin schnitzel style pork steaks. If you use a thicker pork chop or steak you may need to increase cooking time to ensure they thoroughly cooked through (around 5hrs for thick chops)

2Canned peppercorns aren't overly hot, so the recipe is suited for children also, but if they really don't like them they can easily pick them out like my littlest one did 🙂

3This recipe can also be found in our 'Slow Cooker Central FAMILY FAVOURITES' book - available at the SHOP page of this website 🙂

Submitted by Paulene Christie


2 Reviews

Natalie Dodds

June 3, 2020

This meal is absolutely beautiful! I used pork chops and cooked them on low for 5 hours. The meat was falling off the bone and the flavour was different to anything we have tried. The green peppercorns are beautiful and I would definitely try this with chicken. Yum!


May 19, 2020

I substituted the pork for chicken breast steaks and used chicken stock powder instead of beef…it was delicious. Such a versatile recipe. We loved it

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