Nannas apple pie

Yummy comfort food!
The delicious flavours of apple, caramel and cake – what’s not to love!

Submitted by Joanne Talarico

Nannas apple pie

Yummy comfort food! The delicious flavours of apple, caramel and cake - what's not to love!
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Serving: 10
Prep Time 10 minutes
Cook Time 3 hours
Total Time 3 hours 10 minutes
Servings 10


  • Spray oil.
  • 2 x 800g cans of apple pie filling.
  • 1 cup of caramel topping.
  • 2 x 340g packets of vanilla cake mix made into batter as per their packet instructions.
  • Custard or ice cream to serve


  • Place apple pie filling in slow cooker.
  • Then evenly pour in 1 cup of caramel topping.
  • Make up cake mix batter and evenly pour on top.
  • Slow cooker on high, tea towel under the lid and cook for 3 hours.
  • Serve with custard or ice cream.
  • Enjoy!
  • Note: For full recipe use a 5 or 6 litre cooker and for half recipe use a 3 litre cooker.

71 thoughts on “Nannas apple pie”

  1. This is a lovely three ingredient dessert. I halved the recipe to use in my 1.5l baby cooker, but it was still too much. I used about 3/4 of the apples, with 1/2 cup caramel topping and about 3/4 cake mix. (Butter cake) Will definitely make again. Thank you for the recipe Joanne.

  2. Absolutely fantastic. Only used one tin apple,1/2 cup caramel and one cake mix. Took over 5 hours but I have a old cooker. Will definitely do again. So yummy

  3. OMG….thanks so much for your recipe Joanne!
    My family were in dessert heaven!
    And a food coma! Lol
    So easy and so delicious!
    I halved the recipe, and cooked on low for 4 hours in my 5.5 litre.
    Will definately be making this again xx

  4. This was great and very easy to do for my busy and big family of 9. Will keep on my menu that’s for sure. Thank You so much Joanne and hope to try more of your recipes

  5. I made this tonight super easy! I only used 1 x 800g tin of sliced apples
    And made up 1 packet of cake mix.

    I didnt use caramel because the brand i bought didnt taste very nice so i left it out.

    Cooked on low for 3 hours, i didnt read it properly where it said cook on high. Oops. It came out perfect cooked on low though as the amount of ingredients were reduced.

  6. This is the most yummiest dessert I’ve made. The whole family loved it. They wanted more and are always asking for me to make it again.
    It’s to die for. I’ve told family members about this dessert.
    Due to being lactose intolerant I substituted the dairy to lactose/dairy free.

  7. This was amazing and so freaking easing to make. I made mine with gluten free vanilla cake mix and left out the caramel as my monsters are not fans, and served with ice cream. It turned out so well and my fussy monsters have requested it again . 10 outta 10 from us in the Hudson household

  8. Totally awesome. So easy to make. I used 2 tins apple and caramel sauce an only one packet of vanilla cake mix an was perfect. Will be adding to regular dessert when have get togethers

  9. Used NZ ingredients. One tin Watties sliced apple @ 770g, one Edmonds vanilla cake mix @ 555g, with one egg and bit of water, made up just like the packet says, and half a bottle of Delmaine caramel topping. Next time I’d be tempted to use the whole bottle of caramel topping cos I love it so much! For two of us we got 6 large , I mean LARGE servings!

  10. Can I use fresh apples and stew them first and also used tin of condensed milk caramel. Recipe looks delicious but we don’t have all the ingredients here in Cairo.

  11. Doreen for sure you can use fresh apples just stew first. I haven’t tried with condensed caramel but experimenting is half the fun. Might turn out really sweet but give it a go and please let me know how you go

  12. I made a gluten free version of this for my dad for father’s day. They didn’t have a GF vanilla cake mix available so used chocolate. Added vanilla icecream and fed about 20 people for dessert! ?

  13. This absolutely lush dessert recipe is to die for Joanne Talarico ?? Thanks so much for sharing your yummy creation with us ? I halved the recipe for my family of 5 – I used 2×410gm pink lady apple slices in juice, 1/2cup caramel topping and 1×380gm vanilla cake mix. I needed to stretch out the cooking time a little in order for us to have time to digest our dinner so I cooked it with a tea towel under the lid in my 3lt sc on high for 2hrs and then reduced to low for another 2hrs. I also left it on keep warm for a good 1/2hr before serving with caramel crunch ice cream. Completely mouthwatering dessert, highly recommend you try this one for yourself ?

  14. Have made this a couple of times now.
    Made it last night. But on top of the caramel topping I adding chocolate pieces which melted through and added a bit extra.
    So yummy.

    If only 2 people maybe halve the recipe as makes a lot

  15. This has become a family favourite and is now asked for birthday dinner dessert, has taken over my golden syrup dumplings lol

  16. Very simple and tasty, my house smelt amazing as the time drew closer to the end ?? I halved the recipe as it was only for 2 people but I think 2 tins of apples wouldve been better just so there was more apple per scoop. I wanna try this which peaches next time. Mmmm mmmm will definitely make it again. Thank you.

  17. Absolutely amazing.
    Halved recipe as there are only 2 of us, once cooked it filled my 3 litre sc to the top. We’ll happily be eating this for days ?

  18. I was wondering if I only used one cake mix but kept everything else the same , would I still cook on high for 3hours please?

  19. This was absolutely beautiful Joanne!!! I halved the recipe n it turned out great!!! Thank you soooooo much for sharing such a delicious dessert with us, loved it ??????

  20. Sharon yes but just keep an eye on it. It will also depend on how hot your slow cooker runs as I find they all run a bit differently

  21. Personally this was to rich for us. We are not big dessert eaters.
    Next time I will only use 1 cake mix and half the carmel or a little less.
    This is just our personal opinion and by no means do we mean any rudeness to the creator at all.

  22. Tonight I was transported back to my childhood by the smell of this delicious dessert cooking. Our neighbour use to cook the most scrumptious desserts and as a little tyke I often snuck over there and had dessert before I’d even had my dinner. I wanted to do that again tonight. Yum yum yum.

  23. All good Nicole. We all have different tastes and that’s fine, not offended at all. Thanks for giving it a go. Go with your gut feeling as I do on every recipe. I try it and then tweek it to my liking.

  24. Joanne
    My neighbour loved it ! He loves his sweets, but you right how much we all differ with tastes ?

  25. I love this recipe and have made a few times now but use only one cake mix but everything else as per recipe, I am making it this weekend to take to a friends for a dinner party my sc doesn’t have a keep warm setting would it be ok to cook before I go and then just put on low when I get there till its served or will that overcook the cake ? Thank you in advance .

  26. Sharon I haven’t done that before but I guess you could try, just cook it before you leave and put it back on as soon as you get there. Keep an eye on the outer side of the pie in case it over cooks.

  27. Love this recipe, tasty , easy and love that it has few ingredients..
    It’s my go to dessert thank you for sharing it ?

  28. Super yummy and super easy! I halved the recipe for my baby slow cooker and it turned out perfectly. The whole family loved it!

  29. Absolutely loved this recipe and will definitely be making it again. So easy to make and the kids loved it. Thank you for sharing the recipe.

  30. Fantastic and easy recipe enjoyed by the whole family!
    I did a half mix (One large can of apple, still kept to 1 cup of topping, 1 cake mix)
    I used a 3.5L and it was ready in a little over 2hrs
    Soooooo yummy served with custard!
    Thanks Joanne for sharing your treat 😉

  31. So simple to throw together! I’ll always keep the ingredients in the cupboard for a quick Sunday Lunch pudding.
    I used only 1 cake mix as I have a smaller cooker. The caramel made it VERY rich- I loved it but it was too rich for some. I’ll experiment with different tinned fruit & less/omit the caramel.

  32. Made this yesterday for my grandchildren – they loved it. Thank you Joanne I’ll be making again.

  33. My daughter was in a baking mood and found the cake mix in the pantry and I immediately suggested Nannas Apple Pie in the slow cooker. Her eyes lit up she put recipe on to cook and we loved it. Will definitely make again. Delicious with cream, ice cream, custard or all at once ??

  34. Made this tonight and it’s a epic hit with my dad as he said to me reminds him of my nannas apple pie, so thanks so much for the recipe will be on the agenda once a fortnight

  35. Made this tonight for the first time. Halved the recipe but next time will make it with full amount of apples and caramel sauce but just 1 cake mix. Will definitely be made again. Absolutely delicious went back for seconds.

  36. Has anybody tried with something other than caramel as I think it will be too sweet for me?
    Cooked rhubarb springs to mind with the apple and then custard to serve

  37. Tracey Fallowfield

    Hi Pauline is there anyway I can add rolled oats to this please Luv this receipe but would luv to have some oats in it sorry for being a pain but YOU are the expert TIA 🤤🤤🤤

  38. Hi Tracey, I’m sorry but I haven’t tried it with rolled oats. I guess you could give it a go 🤷‍♀️ maybe in a half serve in case it doesn’t then you wouldn’t have wasted as much

  39. 5 stars
    Delicious, I have made this recipe ages ago when my husband was away. Decided to cook it again for him to try. The verdict is in👍he loved it as I do and easy on the budget 😁. Thankyou for sharing.
    Tastes just like my Nanna use to make 🤗

  40. 5 stars
    Split recipe in half diced up the canned apples and mixed through cake mix as will cut up and freeze to use as dessert. I just thaw and add ice cream or custard to portions and you can re heat the cake if you wish.

  41. 5 stars
    We have had this many times now anyone that try’s it loves it I also put a bit of cinnamon an nutmeg to tast through the apples

  42. 5 stars
    Like this need another revuew :). It is such a lovely easy recipe to make. If you make the larger size it will feed a crowd. It filled my Sunbeam Sear & Cook to the top, and the cake stuck to the tea towel. My son came around and took half home – they had an extra mouth to feed – that made 6, we had a large serve each and we will get anothe large serve tomorrow night.
    A lovely dish

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