Marshmellow Monsters


October 26, 2015

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  • Prep: 10 mins
  • Cook: 40 mins
  • 10 mins

    40 mins

    50 mins

  • Yields: 6


3 TBL Butter

6 Cups Rice Krispies/Rice Bubbles

283g Marshmellows

Green Food Colouring

24 Candy Eyes

12 Pretzel Sticks (Broken in half)

1/2 Cup Dark Melting Chips

1/8 Cup Red Candy Melts/Red Writing Icing


1Place butter and marshmellows into the slow cooker on high and cover. Stir occasionally and cook until all melted with no lumps. Approx 40mins.

2Once melted add as much food colouring as required until you get the colour you'd like.

3Once food colouring is fully mixed through turn off slow cooker and add rice bubbles and gently stir through until fully combined and all ingredients are green and coated.

4Place baking paper over a 9x9 tray and spray with oil.

5Pour mixture over tray and using wet hands pat the mixture firmly into the tray and place into fridge to set firm.


7Once cooled, cut into rectangles or squares.


9Heat dark chocolate in a small bowl by microwaving for 40 seconds stirring and repeating until melted. Allow to cool for 2 mins.

10Dip top of bar (hair) in melted choc and move back and forth for good coverage. Shake off excess.

11Lay on baking paper.


13Push pretzel half in each side to make arms.


15Add a little of the melted choc on the back of the candy eyes and place onto bubble mix.


17Heat red candy chips in bowl (same as the dark choc) and transfer to a small plastic bag and clip very tiny peice off the corner to use as piping.

18Pipe mouths on each.


20Leave to set and then enjoy!

Submitted by Denise Roberts


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