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Welcome to Slow Cooker Central!

My name is Paulene and I am a busy working mum of 3 who lives in Australia.

I began this slow cooker journey when I opened a Facebook Page called ‘Slow Cooker Recipes 4 Families‘ in late 2012.
By August 2014 I had over 200,000 members in my group and I knew that due to the layout and design limitations in Facebook that a webpage was the way to move my group into the future.

In August 2014 we launched Slow Cooker Central and we hope that as we grow we will continue to be your go to place for all thing slow cooking!
So welcome!
Come on in and make yourself at home while I give you the grand tour 🙂

On our home page you will find featured articles as well as links to all past articles, blogs and posts.
I will be writing regular blog articles on all things slow cooking so stay tuned for plenty more to come.

Along the top of the page you will find the links to our various pages.

A great feature of our Facebook page was reader submitted recipes and we’ve kept that here in our website also.
You can go to the recipes tab and search or browse for the recipe you want, OR you can go to the submit a recipe tab and submit your own slow cooker recipe to the site.
All submissions are approved before being posted so don’t worry if it doesn’t appear immediately it will in time.

Our Tips and Tricks page has loads of great advice for slow cooking.  If you’ve got a question, check here because chances are the answer is here for you.
If not leave us a comment and we will most certainly get busy finding the answer for you!

The conversion page is here because we are an international site and so we’ve tried to include all the many weight, volume and mass type conversions you may need to use in your kitchen, as well as some links to other conversion sites for anything not already included in our lists.

The page titled Slow Cooker Reviews is where I trial and review different models/brands of slow cookers.
It is not an exhaustive list of course as I can only comment on what I have trialled myself but it’s honest feedback, information and has pictures that just may help you decide what model of slow cooker you may wish to buy.

On most of our pages you will find the comments section at the bottom of the page.  We love to hear from all of you in our slow cooking community so if you have a question, a compliment, even a criticism … feel free to leave a comment and I will be more than happy to help you!
(All comments will be approved prior to being posted to the site)
You can also go straight to our Contact Us page to send me a private message for anything you wish to discuss.

Along the top of our home page, after the links to our pages, you will also find a link to our Facebook page and also the search button to use to search our site.

Be sure to keep an eye on our competition post for your chance to win prizes too!
We will run various competitions over time.

So off you go then 🙂
Go explore!
Go choose your next recipe to try or get uploading your favorite dish for others to enjoy.
We will constantly be adding new recipes, new blog posts and new content so be sure to visit often so you don’t miss out!

Paulene x

26 thoughts on “Welcome :)”

  1. Congratulations, the website is wonderful. Your Facebook page brought back the fun of cooking on a daily basis.

  2. Hi Paulene,
    Just found this section of your new web site. A huge congratulations to you and all your team. Well done on the development and creation of your site. As a slow cooker I look forward to participation in the growth of the site. Roll out the recipes everyone.

  3. Hi Pauline,
    You are deserving of a medal lovely lady I have never had so much fun with my slow cooker the things your page has taught me have been incredible My partner and i thank you for each and every recipe because without your vision we would not have them. I look forward to checking this site out everyday to see what new things might have been added Keep up the fantastic work and a very big CONGRATULATIONS on this site it is amazing

  4. Well done and Congratulations, Pauline what a wonderful job you have done with your Facebook site and now your new home
    I cant wait till the people start posting…I think I have died and gone to heaven, your sites have renewed my interest in cooking
    except fudge…mine was a failure..
    Good Luck to you and your Husband and your admin team.

  5. Congratulations Pauline, you have come such a long way. I look forward to exploring this site more than reading the news feed on FB. Can’t wait to ‘go explore’ .

  6. Cant wait to explore this page more well done from only a handful to many thousands of famlies you have made a massive change to many lives i no u have mine for good reasons:) wonderful job xo

  7. I like to copy recipes to an app “MyRecipes” on my iPad, so I can access them without the internet! I used to have to type ingredients, directions, etc by hand, from your Facebook page. Tonight, I used the app’s Custom Import feature, from “Slow Cooker Central” bingo, so easy! Thankyou Paulene, not only great recipes, but it is so easy to use too!

  8. I have been waiting eagerly for this website to open. Thank you Pauline, you have done an awesome job. You have made all our lives so much easier 🙂

  9. I’m so so proud of all you do for us Paulene…on top of your work/family life!! Thank you for setting this website, have been SO excited waiting for it to get up and running. Thank you for helping me to be able to cook better and healthier. <3 <3

  10. Awesome work on the page. Will make keeping up with the wonderful recipes from Facebook so much easier. Thanks for all your hard work and dedication.

  11. Hi paulene , never had so much fun in my kitchen ….. Since joining on facebook and finally found you today here … I have converted many friends and family ….. Well done and thank you for the great receives and giggles along the way xxlisa

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  13. Hi Pauline Wonderful book with lots of lovely recipes I am dying to try . I am a bit confused about the size of the slow cooker used in the recipe, as I have 2 sizes of slow cookers , 1 is 5.5 litres and one is 4.5 litres.As there is only 2 of us now( 4 children have flown the coup) I don’t need to cook in the 5.5 litre slow cooker is just too big. So could you please tell me what size was used in the 2 books. Thankyou for taking my e-mail Pauline. Patricia

  14. Pauline love your books but I’m finding with some of your recipes I can’t get some of the products, like celery soup and sometime mushroom soup what can I substitute them with. When I’m following the recipe word for word, I await your reply thank you.

    1. Hi Carole

      For those concentrated cream of soups you could substitute with another in the range you can get of a flavour you like 🙂
      For example here in Australia I see cream of mushroom, chicken, celery, asparagus and a few others.
      We also have a recipe on site to make your own cream of chicken soup if that helps 🙂

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