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Let’s face it … slow cooking is meant to be just that.  Slow.
However here at Slow Cooker Central we are creating so many varied and non traditional dishes in our slow cookers that sometimes we just need it to be faster!

Whether it’s because we want to get our next recipe into the slow cooker, or we left it a little late in the day to start the one we had planned, or perhaps we just saw a recipe we simply HAD to try at Slow Cooker Recipes 4 Families … there are many times when you have only a few hours and wonder what culinary masterpiece you can achieve with your slow cooker in a limited time frame.

Good news is the answer is LOTS!





Firstly there are ways to speed up the cooking process of an otherwise slow cooking dish:


Pre Brown:  You can seal or brown your meat prior to beginning slow cooking it.  Not only will it seal in some extra juices/flavour but it also means the overall cooking time needed will be less since you’ve already started it cooking.

Smaller Cuts:  You can cut your meat and your vegetables that you are adding to your recipe into smaller pieces.  The smaller the cuts, especially of vegetables like potato etc, the faster they cook.

Pre Cooked:  Some ingredients can be pre cooked before slow cooking.  For example potatoes and root vegetables can be partially cooked before being added to the slow cooker.  Pasta can be cooked separate and simply stirred through at the end of the dish rather than cooked in the slow cooking process.  You can also begin with recipes that, for example, use cooked chicken rather than raw chicken.



Secondly you need to choose the right type of recipe:
Following is merely a small sample of some of the many recipes that can be cooked in less than 4hrs in your slow cooker.  But most of these are even quicker than that!


Egg based dishes:  You will find that most of the dishes in our EGG CATEGORY by the very nature of the dish cook fast.  Without a more solid protein in the recipe the cooking time is dramatically reduced.



Seafood Based Dishes:  Like the eggs, the SEAFOOD CATEGORY is packed with recipes that mostly cook fast.  Seafood rarely needs a long cooking time and slow cooking seafood is no different.



Bread Recipes:  If you can’t do your main dish in the slow cooker why not a bread as a side dish or part of your other meal.  Or with breads like some of these in our BREAD CATEGORY they can be a meal in themselves! 😉



Rice Recipes:  Our RICE CATEGORY also has lots of ‘fast’ slow cooking recipes to choose from.



Fudge Recipes:  Our FUDGE CATEGORY has over 40 different types of fudges to choose from all taking less than 2hrs each.



Vegetable Recipes:  Focus on side dishes and choose one from our packed VEGETABLE CATEGORY to make use of your slow cooker when time is limited.



Cake Recipes:  Slow cooking isn’t just for main meals.  Our CAKE CATEGORIES is one giant drool fest from beginning to end of tasty recipes and the majority of them are ‘fast’ recipes.



Dessert Recipes:   Cooking something else for dinner?  Why not browse our DESSERT CATEGORIES for your final course for the evening.



Slow Cooker Craft:  Our slow cookers aren’t only for food.  Our CRAFT CATEGORIES have heaps of fast options too!


So as you can clearly see …. even with SLOW cooking … we have FAST covered too!


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  1. I love looking through the recipes and people commenting their variations, a few years ago there was nothing out there when I looked at slow cooking options and now there are 3 cookers and info galore…I never thought of side dishes in the cooker…thank you and well done…keep up the good work 🙂

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