Chocolate Mud Slide

Chocolate Mud Slide


October 12, 2014

  • Cook: 2 hrs
  • Yields: 12-16



200g block milk cooking choc

200g block dark cooking choc

250g butter

600ml water

3.5 cups SR. Flour

3 cups castor sugar

4 eggs

2 TBS cocoa (optional)



2Melt butter, choc and water in a pot over water or in microwave. Set aside to cool to room temp.

3Mix in a bowl flour, sugar and cocoa.

4Beat eggs with a fork.

5Whisk eggs in to cooled choc mix. Don't over beat.

6Mix wet ingredients in to dry. Mixture will be quite runny.

7Pour in to cake tin. I used a 25cm spring form and also got 8 cupcakes.

8Cook on high for around 2-3 hours until a skewer inserted comes out clean. Keep checking after 2 hours.

9I sat it in my 6lt cooker on a pie case with a little water in the bottom and tea towel under lid. Don't let cake tin sit in the water though.

10Cover with Ganache-

11150g choc

12300ml cream

13Bring cream to boil in saucepan. Pour over chocolate. Let cool slightly and pour over cake starting from the Middle.

Submitted by Amelia Cocks


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