Choc Caramel Hazelnut Brownie

Choc Caramel Hazelnut Brownie


October 15, 2014

  • Prep: 15 mins
  • Cook: 1 hr


1pk betty crocker frosted brownie mix

1/2 tin condensed milk caramel / or top'n'fill caramel

Crushed hazelnuts (or any desired nuts to taste)

(Nuts can be replaced with crushed up crunchie, maltesers, peanut butter cups & spread out on top of ganashe)

Ice cream or whipped cream to serve (add some vanilla essence & sugar & whip up)


1Mix up brownie mix

2Add crushed hazelnuts

3pour into LINED or heavily greased slow cooker, High for about 1.5hours tea towel under lid

4Once cooled slightly flip onto plate/tray

5Spread caramel over top while still warm!!! (If caramel thick quick whip it for about 30 seconds this will help soften and spread it nicely)

6Spread chocolate ganashe over top caramel

7Add additional hazelnuts if you like for decoration

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