Chicken Stock

Chicken Stock


October 7, 2014

  • Prep: 20 mins
  • Cook: 12 hrs
  • Yields: Approx. 4lt


2 Chicken Carcasses

1 leek

2 onions

3 carrots

1 garlic bulb

3 celery stalks

1 Zucchini (optional, I just had it in the fridge)

3 bay leaves

1 Tbs pepper corns

1 Tbs whole coriander



1Roughly chop the vegetables (I don't even bother peeling them) and throw them into the pot. Smash each of the garlic cloves so they are crunched to release the flavour.

2Toss the veggies together in the pot.

3Beat the crap out of the chicken with a meat tenderiser to break it up a bit. Place it in the pot on top of the veggies. Put in bay leaves, pepper corns and coriander.

4Fill to the top with water.

5Cook on low for as long as possible (mine will probably be cooked for about 12-14 hours).

6Allow to cool and strain the stock from the vegetables and chicken.

7Refrigerate to allow the excess fat to rise to the top and solidify. Scrape off and use in cooking.

8(It works amazingly for risotto)

Submitted by Christine Keevers


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May 7, 2017

My first ever stock in a slow cooker. Used this recipe and yield was 2.5 litres. Super easy. 20 hour cook time did the job beautifully and inspired me to buy a second sc

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