Cheesy chicken garlic balls

Submitted by Simon Christie

Cheesy chicken garlic balls

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Serving: 16
Prep Time 15 minutes
Cook Time 2 hours
Total Time 2 hours 15 minutes


  • 500g chicken mince
  • approx. 80g cheese squares
  • 4 cloves fresh crushed garlic
  • 1 whole egg
  • 3/4 cup breadcrumbs
  • Baking paper or spray oil lining


  • Wash hands thoroughly

  • In separate bowls...
  • •Crush garlic and mix into chicken mince evenly
  • •1 whole egg, beaten
  • •breadcrumbs
  • •cheese cubes cut into 1/2cm cubes

  • Take pinches of mince,to form a small ball in your hand
  • Once a ball is formed press a square of cheese into it.
  • Fold over the excess and roll into a neat ball again
  • Place ball into egg and gently roll to coat
  • Remove ball and roll into breadcrumbs until evenly coated
  • Remove and place into lined or oiled cooker

  • Turn cooker on HIGH for up to TWO hours with Tea Towel Trick
  • Turn after 45mins

24 thoughts on “Cheesy chicken garlic balls”

  1. Delicious. I must have made mine small as I got 25 balls. Perfect with some sweet chilli dipping sauce. Will definitely make again 🙂

  2. YUMMMM!! I added sweet chili to the middle and had them with sweet chili mayo, and they were a huge hit! Will be making again, and soon, if I choose to listen to the demands of the family lol

  3. Tracey Braddock

    Made these tonight, my kids approved and thought they tasted like chicken kiev balls.. yay will try these again.. Thank you heaps for the recipe 🙂

  4. Hi 🙂 can you layer the balls or is it only ideal for one layer on the bottom of the sc. Probably a stupid question sorry.

  5. These were moreish- totally like those chicken and garlic balls in takeaway stores, just more healthier and homemade! This will become a favourite family treat. Kids will like these as protein rich daycare snack too.

  6. My family loved them and will have them again. Next time I might put bigger bits of cheese in the middle but apart from that they are yummy ?

  7. Do u add the breadcrumbs with other stuff then roll in the balks in extra breadcrumbs or is That 3/4 cup breadcrumbs all u use to roll them into to

  8. Not going to lie, i was hesitant to try these as i wasnt sure howd they go. But holy heck im glad i did, they were delicious and so good. I need to make more apparently ?

  9. Just made these they smell delicious and taste even better, the year will be if there kids like them tonight haha, thanks for another great recipe

  10. Amazing! I’ve done these with chicken mince and turkey mince, both were delicious. I’ve also added finely grated carrot, dried parsley and paprika, takes them to a whole new level!

  11. I was a little sceptical about making these as I thought they would be very plain tasting. I was wrong, they were bursting with garlic goodness, they are so easy to prepare too. Next time I make these I will make the cheese cubes bigger, I used Colby because that’s what I had. I served these with chips and ‘Gravox our best chicken gravy’. These were enjoyed by myself and my family ( hubby and 12 yr old daughter).

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