Cheesy Bacon and Relish Focaccia

Submitted by Paulene Christie

Cheesy Bacon and Relish Focaccia

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Serving: 1
Prep Time 20 minutes
Cook Time 1 hour 45 minutes
Total Time 2 hours 5 minutes
Servings 1 large bread loaf


  • 3 cups SR flour
  • pinch salt
  • 2 cups warm water
  • 2 x 150g diced bacon
  • 250g tomato relish
  • 2 cups of grated tasty cheese


  • Line slow cooker with non stick baking paper and spritz lightly with non stick spray
  • Combine flour, salt and water water in a large bowl and mix to combine into the dough (It’s still sticky, that’s ok)
  • Add 1 cup of grated cheese and 1 of the 150g lots of bacon to dough mix and combine well
  • Pour mix out onto baking paper in slow cooker and flatten out over cooker base (I used 7L slow cooker)
  • Spread with the tomato relish
  • Top with the second lot of 150g bacon
  • Top with the second cup of grated cheese
  • Cook on high with tea towel under lid for approx. 1hr 45 minutes on HIGH or until cooked through
  • I cook this in a 7L searing slow cooker, if you use a smaller slow cooker it will be thicker and thus take longer

25 thoughts on “Cheesy Bacon and Relish Focaccia”

  1. Made this today as my daughter loves the bacon and cheese rolls you buy from Woolworths.
    I asked my daughter did she like it.
    Her response, mummy it’s amazing, I love it.
    Winning…… No more store bought rolls

  2. I made this today and I put the relish in the dough and I think the mix was too runny mine was raw in the middle after specified time . I don’t have cup measures so I kinda guessed so I think that’s where it all went a bit wrong

  3. Tracy channings

    Made this and it turned out perfect put corn relish on top of the dough with cheese and bacon yummy combo ?

  4. Made this today, changed the relish out for tomato paste as added some capsican to the top and was a huge hit, and so easy to make ?

  5. Looks amazing, sadly mine just tastes like play doughy. I may try again but add some mixed herbs into the dough and halve the mixture.

  6. This is awesome I also did one with pepperoni , bbq sauce, relish and cheese it was delicious!! Thanks for posting

  7. I made this today, it’s a little doughy, I cooked it for about 15-20mins extra, but the texture didn’t change- I wonder if my old cooker needed a lot more time, or my expectations are a little off?!
    My husband thinks it a the best thing ever!

  8. This made the lunch rash in my home easy!!! Very tasty & everyone enjoyed!! I made half with tomato sauce (fussy kids) the other half with Tom relish. The edges were crispy, cheese was melted perfect.. however I would next time leave slightly longer as right in middle was a little under cooked! We ate the rest tho 9/10!!!! From our household!!!

  9. I made one today and added mixed herbs and garlic powder but because I have a round cooker it’s pretty fat and bready. So next time I’ll half the flour and water . I’ll put butter and ham on it for my sons school lunches he should be stoked

  10. First time I made this, did not have the tomato relish, so used spaghetti sauce. It was really nice. Made again yesterday, this time with the tomato relish, was even nicer. Family loves it.

  11. The kids loved this easy recipe for lunch. We used pizza sauce instead of relish, and added a shake of mixed herbs. Cooked for 2.5 hours in my 5L slow cooker

  12. Jessica Douglas

    changed to GF self raising flour and turned out beautifully used smoked hickory sauce and added spinach, then made again with hard to not eat it all at once I’ve made it twice so far this week?

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