Breville SEARING Slow Cooker

Breville SEARING Slow Cooker 6L

Breville are an absolute power house in providing amazing slow cookers!
From traditional ceramic cookers, to smart digital cookers, to stove top searing slow cookers to this … a slow cooker that sears IN itself!  No need for stoves or other appliances, this one does it all 🙂
Let’s take a look at all the features packed into this slow cooker:



  • A large family sized 6L capacity removable cooking bowl.  This cooking bowl is aluminium with a non stick coating and cool touch handles.  It is not for stove top or oven usage so only use it inside the slow cooker unit itself.  Dishwasher cleaning is not recommended for this unit to preserve the non stick coating.
  • The cooking bowl then has a toughened glass lid with a large knob handle and a steam vent on the lid.  Great for peeking at what’s cooking without needing to lift the lid and release heat.
  • What surprised me was the unique dual locking lid handles on this unit!  The two sliding locks on either side of the lid lock it down securely in place during cooking or for safe storage.  This also creates a really firm seal on your cooking which I liked.
  • This slow cooker comes with a large stainless steel trivet included (see photo below) – perfect for steaming on or elevating your slow cooking from cooking liquids for some recipes this is needed in
  • An easy to use, digital control panel with 5 levels of BROWNING settings, (Gentle, Low, Medium, Saute, High Sear), 2 levels of SLOW COOKING (low, high) and also a YOGHURT setting and a STEAMING setting! All this in one machine!  More on these settings to follow.





Many people like to brown/seal/sear their meat or even spices prior to slow cooking.
Check out our blog HERE on all the pros and cons of browning so you can decide what’s right for you 🙂
If you are someone who likes to brown or sear, the option this slow cooker gives you to do so in the same unit you are slow cooking in is sensational!  No extra dishes to worry about and no flavour left behind in other cooking pans.
As mentioned above there are 5 levels of browning settings for this Breville Searing Slow Cooker
Gentle: 100 degrees C
Low: 120 degrees C
Medium: 150 degrees C
Saute: 170 degrees C
High Sear: 180 degrees C
Default time for all of these is 15mins however you can manually adjust them, in 5 minute intervals, to between 5-60mins to suit your individual recipe needs.
Once the browning time is elapsed it will beep then switch to standby mode.
You can also cancel it at any time to then move into your next mode of cooking.



The Breville Searing slow cooker gives you the option of two slow cooking settings, LOW or HIGH, both with a built in move to KEEP WARM after cooking time
The LOW setting gently heats food for an extended period of time without overcooking or burning.  The low setting default is 8hrs but gives you the option to program between 6-14hrs of cooking time, in 10 minute intervals, on this machine.
The HIGH setting will cook food in approximately half the time required and some foods may boil on this setting so may require extra liquid and checking throughout cooking time.  The high setting default is 6hrs but gives you the option to program between 2-8hrs of cooking time, in 10 minute intervals, on this machine.
Both settings will then automatically move to KEEP WARM for up to 4hrs before switching to standby mode.




Have you ever made yoghurt in your slow cooker?  I made my first batch while testing this mode and oh my!
It was so easy!  So affordable! And so yummy!
The yoghurt default setting is for 8hrs but can be manually set, in 10 minute intervals, to between 6-12hrs.
NOTE:  This setting is only for yoghurt.  Do not try to cook anything at this low temp for food safety.




I admit, I LOVED this steaming function.  My kids love dumplings and dim sims and I was able to have these from freezer to plate in under 20mins while I spent that time getting something else done.
You can also steam vegetables and poultry and the user manual has a really extensive cooking time guide for dozens of different items to steam.
I love that it comes with its own steaming rack with high handles that makes it easy to place in and lift out (with oven mitts) of the cooker.
You can boil the water in the Breville Searing slow cooker first (takes around 10minutes) then add the food, or add it from the start.
The default time for the steaming setting is 20mins but can manually be set, in 1 minute intervals, for between 10-120minutes.



The Breville Searing slow cooker also comes with a detailed user guide, recipe cards and a 12 month replacement warranty.
RRP $179

I found this to be a fantastic slow cooker with lots of great features!
It cooked a little slower than some machine so it’s the perfect cooker for those out of the house all day at work etc or for whatever reason need long cooking times with great results
I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend it to anyone wanting a next level slow cooker with extra features and great cooking results.





46 thoughts on “Breville SEARING Slow Cooker”

  1. I bought this one a couple of weeks ago and I’m still to try it out. It’s my 3rd slow cooker but I had to have one that seared. Reading your review makes me want to get it up and running ?

  2. Hi Pauline,
    I have been waiting for this to come out ( even though I went and got one anyway and my husband cooked in it first? ). I love the fact that it sears so all that goodness stays in the pot.
    My first thing I am cooking is chicken bone broth which I cook for 48 hours in my old slow cooker so I will be curious to see how long it takes in this one. Thanks for a wonderful site

  3. I’m shopping for my new slow cooker, and I’m just about sold on this one. But tell me, with the steam function, can you cook rice???

  4. hi! how do i change the default setting on the slow cooker? it’s brand new and currently set at 15 mins ! Hardly slow cooking. thanks!

    1. Those 15min default times are for the searing section only – which you can adjust but is usually around the time you need 🙂
      The slow cooking setting default is 8hrs low, 6hrs high – both of which you can adjust also 🙂

      1. Marlene Zvaigzne

        Hi Paulene. Is there away to slow cook for less than the 6hr setting on low? Most desserts etc are way less.

          1. Marlene Zvaigzne

            Ok thanks. It’s more for when I’m not going to be there. Some recipes are for 2hrs and then it can go on warm. Not a huge deal but just would be good to bypass the 6hrs. Thanks heaps.

  5. Hi, I’ve cooked a casserole in this slow cooker twice and both times the meat stated tough. I’ve never experienced this before in any slow cooker I’ve owned so not sure it’s working correctly! Should the slow cooker make clicking noises as it seems to every minute or so, maybe even a little less. Not sure if it the thermostat or if it’s faulty and therefore not heating properly. Any advice welcomed, thanks ?

    1. Hi linda did you find out what was wrong with your slow cooker? I bought one a week ago and its making the same clicking noise.

      1. Hi Meghan,
        No idea, I only had it a week and I cooked a casserole twice and stated tough after 8 hours cooking. When we took temperatures it varied a lot and didn’t seem to get hot enough. Replacement one clicks every 30 seconds or so too so assuming that’s normal. Not sure why they make the clicking sounds as it’s a digital, not mechanical timer ????

  6. Hello Paulene
    I am thinking of buying this Breville Searing Slow Cooker.
    Could you tell me pls, when using the searing/browning function, do I need to turn the cuts of meat over to brown them all over, or do I leave them untouched and the cooker automatically browns them all over.
    Many thanks.

  7. This is the best slow cooker of all of them as U can do so much with out using the stove top or the oven from roast meats casserole stews soups stir fry’ s lambs fry & bacon done in onion gravy beef strogaoff spaghetti Bolognese nachos (partly) mince chow mein etc it’s absolutely the Best I’d say npt a day gose by I don’t use mine even my hubby say it’s a dream to clean & wash up

  8. Patricia Sauer

    I purchased Breville Searing Slow Cooker . Everything I tried to cook in it failed or took hours longer than expected. Took it back thinking it was faulty. The second one was the same. Got my money back and bought another brand wich I am happy with.

    1. I tried mine today it’s been on for 16 hours and potatoes and lamb shanks are still not cooked , I’m thinking it maybe faulty too

  9. Hi Pauline I purchased the Breville Searing slow cooker – the 1st one was faulty as the numbers didn’t light up correctly & could only be switched off at the PowerPoint It was replaced under warranty. My 2nd one is working fine so far , I’ve cooked 2 meals on low but the power can still only be switched off at the power point when the manual says to depress Start button for 3 seconds. Also once the cooking function has started the cancel function doesn’t work even though the manual says I you can cancel at anytime. Has anyone else had this problem,? Apart from that it’s a dream to clean & I love the design with locking handles.

  10. Hi, this is the second time I’ve used my Breville slow cooker, cooking vegetable stew with beef, slow cooked for 6 hours and know where near ready, meat still tough, so I turned it to high for 3 hours and finally done, but not happy it took so long
    Am I doing anything wrong? My other slow cooker was faster in cooking ????

  11. Used my cooker for first time and wanted to put it on for a little longer as it wasn’t quite cooked. It wouldn’t let me select the menu at all. Is this normal. I just wanted to slow cook on high for an extra hour.

  12. Hello
    My son gave me his Searing Slow Cooker but no instructions or recipes. Do you have somewhere I can get them. Thank you
    Marion May

  13. Similar to other reviews, it seems really slow! Casseroles take ages (longer than my old sunbeam cooker) and the meat is always tough. A lamb shoulder was also tough after 8 hours.
    Currently cooking the hearty beef casserole and after 7 hours on high (per recipe), it’s still super tough (meat and potatoes hard), have put on for an extra 2 hours on high to see if that makes a difference.

  14. Pauline@ Slow Cooker Central when purchasing a new slow cooker is it worth paying the extra

    for gold service extras ( Service and Repairs , replacements )

  15. Michelle Preston

    Hi Paulene,

    Thanks so much for your recipes, tips and tricks. I used to love my sunbeam secret chef sear slow cooker but the bowl peeled within not long of purchasing and they seem to have discontinued them. 😔 So I’ve switched to this breville. Yes it does cook a lot slower. I’m wondering if you’ve come up with a bit of a guide as to what times work to be equivalent to other slow cookers? Should I use a combination of high and low? And would you start with high for 2 hours to get it started and then go down to low for 6-8? I’m thinking in particular for pulled pork done with a shoulder. Used to work perfectly 8 hrs low on my old cooker. With the new I’ve tried combinations of 10 hrs low, a few on high, then low . And I’m still not satisfied. I loved my old slow cooker! Thanks for any advice you can offer ❤️

    1. Unlike some I find the cook times for this machine fairly similar to others due to that tight locked down lid.
      However I do always like to do most of my pulled pork on HIGH in any machine, until it’s fork tender (maybe 5-6hrs or so), only then do I go down to low 🙂

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