The Slow Cooker multi cooker with many other features!

– Sauté and Searing
– Pressure Cooker
– Slow Cooker
– Steamer

The main cooking bowl is a 6L capacity

Sauté and Searing
While not strictly necessary in slow cooking many always like to sear first to brown the meat, keep heat stable and caramalise vegetables. It can also seal in moisture, tenderises and intensifies the flavours.
In the Breville Fast Slow cooker you can easily sear your meat in the same machine prior to slow cooking. So easy! When you are done it’s just a simple push of a button to change to the next cooking function.

Pressure Cooking
This feature cooks your food in a fraction of the time and energy normally taken by conventional methods.
I had never used a pressure cooker in my life prior to trying this machine so I was skeptical about how fast it could cook a roast. But I followed the easy instrutions in the user manual and I had to eat my words (and some delicious roast meat) when my roast beef was completely cooked to perfection in just 17minutes!
The Breville Fast Slow Cooker has easy to line up arrow markers so you can be sure you have the lid on correctly and it effortlessly slips into opening your unit safely.
When pressure cooking you have a digital timer with the option of setting it from 2 to 99 minutes. Pressure can be set to low, medium or high. Then press start and hey presto you are pressure cooking!
You can also pressure cook roasts, casseroles, soups, stocks, desserts, rice, legumes and even vegetables and fruit in your Breville Fast Slow Cooker.
(Instructional guide has pressure cooking recipes to get you started)

Slow Cooking
The Breville Fast Slow Cooker has a removable bowl for slow cooking.
I loved the option to sear first then swap over to slow cooking in the same bowl to retain all the great flavours.
The digital setting only gives you the option of 8hrs or 4hrs for slow cooking then it switches over to a 30minute keep warm setting. The digital timer counts down your cooking time in hours then minutes for the last hour. You can also manually select the warm function and program it from 2 to 99minutes. So if you wanted a time frame outside the 4 or 8hrs you could manually switch it over to warm whenever your time was up if you were home to do so.
Having only used traditional slow cookers before it was a little strange for me not to be able to peek inside a glass lid as I usually would but the lid can still be removed from your Breville Fast Slow Cooker when you need to if you want to turn your meat or check your dish etc.
Due to the screw on mechanism of the lid of this machine it would’t suit the use of tea towels under the lid as many would normally do for cakes and breads etc.
(Instructional guide has slow cooking recipes to get you started)

The Breville Fast Slow Cooker comes with a stainless steal trivet and steaming basket to use within the removable cooking bowl when steaming. Place the basket containing the food onto the trivet inside the machine.
At the end of cooking you have the quick release button to release steam from the unit prior to opening the lid.
(Instructional guide has steamer recipes to get you started)

The instructional booklet is very comprehensive and has great instructions and diagrams for all cooking settings, assembly and cleaning requirements and a quick reference trouble shooting guide.

The Breville Fast Slow Cooker comes with
– The stainless steal, digital display cooking unit
– Instructional booklet
– Stainless steel trivet
– Stainless steel steaming basket
– Rice measure cup
– 2 plastic cooking utensils
(as pictured below)

The Breville Fast Slow machine won the Testers Choice award for 2012.
And with 4 machines in 1 this is a very versatile cooking unit to have in your kitchen while taking up minimal valuable cupboard space.

The Breville Fast Slow Cooker retails for approximately $145-$199





  1. Hi Pauline. Do we assume that both the 6h and the 8h are LOW and that there is no HIGH slow cook function? (mine has 6 & 8…. whereas you’ve stated above 4 & 8)…. I haven’t used it very much as I’m a bit unsure.

  2. I would be interested to hear from someone who has cooked a slow cook meal in this one and used the default 6hr setting for a recipe that calls for 4hrs. I have this machine and its solely used as a pressure cooker as Im worried of overcooking meals due to the 6/8hr settings.

  3. I have this slow fast cooker I need the rocker for it, can anyone help with information on how to obtain one

  4. I have this machine and I love it. I will also say, I did the tea towel trick on this one and it worked an absolute treat for the supercharged satay. I didn’t think there was any ham d if it locking with the tea towel in place, but it was quite easy

  5. Sorry, that’s supposed to read…I didn’t think there was any chance of it locking with the tea towel in place.

    Not sure what that gibberish in the middle is. Auto correct strikes again

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