Breville 7L ‘The Flavour Maker’

In my line of work I see and use a lot of different slow cooker machines but I can honestly say this has taken the position of my all time favourite one now 🙂

Let me tell you why ….
I never used to be someone who pre-browned or seared my meat before slow cooking.  Why waste the time and extra dishes was my motto!
And then I was introduced to searing slow cookers like this one.  No extra dishes!
The inner slow cooking pot just lifts out and sits directly on your hotplate/stove.  So not only do you save dishes but you also keep all those flavour packed little browned bits of taste right there in your slow cooker to continue to add flavour as your meal cooks.
THEN … it gets better ….
After you slow cook your meal you can then pop the inner slow cooker dish of this unit directly into the oven or under the grill for browning!  Right in the same pan still.
I love this 🙂
*Win – Win – Win*

I also love the large capacity bowl that’s bigger than most and the flat rectangular shape works great for slices, quiches etc with a large surface area.

– Extra large 7L capacity for family sized meals
– Removable easy sear pan.  Designed for searing on the stovetop, slow cooking and roasting in the oven.  Xylan premium non stick for easy clean.
– Domed stainless steel lid for use in the oven (though Breville notes it may discolour from doing so)
– Pan and lid can be washed in dishwasher  but for maximum benefit of the non stick surface hand washing is ideal
– Silicone handle covers for heat protection
– Wrap around element ensures an even temperature throughout the cooking process.
– Premium brushed stainless steel design
– Control dial with Auto setting for ease and simplicity
– Stainless steel rack included for roasting
– Removable cord for serving at the table and easy storage (how good is that for an idea!)
– Searing inner can be used on burner, hotplate, gas, electric or ceramic stovetops
– Auto setting is 2hrs on high then it automatically shifts to cooking on low
– While silicone handles are heat resistant to 250 degrees C, it is not recommended to use for extended periods above 200 degrees.

Literally the only little thing I didn’t like so much was the stainless steel lid prevented me looking at my food during the cooking process without having to lift the lid but then I found this message from Breville regarding this: This model currently comes with a stainless lid. However we are developing a glass lid for it and this will be available this year.  Contact Breville Customer Service on 1300 139 798 and check if its available as a spare part to purchase.
Problem solved!

– RRP of this unit is $199.95

If I had to have just one slow cooker for my family – this is the one I would choose 🙂


44 thoughts on “Breville 7L ‘The Flavour Maker’”

  1. Great review.

    I have also had meals that are too runny and I am able to quickly add corn flour paste and boil it again by putting it on the stovetop.

    I have had mine for over 3 years now and I am using it more and more thanks to the fb page

  2. Got mine for free with our TV when Harvey Norman couldn’t price match the tv, so they said pick out something you want. Winner as I wouldn’t have spent $200 on it. Perfect for our family of 5.

  3. My mother in law bought mine as she thought my original wasn’t bug enough for my family of 6. I will never go back. Love the fact I can brown and cook all in the one pan and is big enough for my family

  4. I have one of these and I find it cooks too quickly even on low. Which means you cannot leave it for 8 – 10 hours like you can with the ceramic inserts. But yes for all the other points I agree totally.

  5. Has anyone had issues with the non stick coating coming away at all? It seems to be the major complaint I’m finding online. I’d love to buy one but that is making me nervous since it’s not what I’d class as a cheap outlay.
    Fantastic review by the way! 🙂

      1. Excellent! I feel so much better now 🙂 I went ahead and ordered one can’t wait for it to arrive! I have a list waiting of deliciousness to make….if hub agrees i don’t have to wait till Christmas morning that is! haha.

        Update re – glass lid i contacted breville and their response was unfortunately not.

        Thank you very much for your reply Paulene 🙂 Merry Christmas to you and your family. x

    1. Yes, I have. I only used wooden utensils for stirring, and silicone coated tongs, and washed it by hand with a cloth…and yet the non-stick came off.

      I don’t know if it was the metal underneath the coating, but the food started getting a strange metallic taste to it.

      Now when I use it, I line it with baking paper and only cook scones, breads, and cakes in it.

      Up until then, it was the best slow-cooker I have ever had.

    2. I’ve had mine for over 5 years and the non-stick lining has bubbled and some has come away. I have thought that it may have been when I left food in it and put it straight in the fridge rather than storing the leftovers in another container. It’s just a theory though .

  6. I recently got one via my Mastetcard Rewards Programme. Love it but unfortunately I didn’t research enough as I didn’t realise that I wouldn’t be able to seat on my induction cooktop. Was a little disappointed but that was my own fault.

  7. I am replacing my beloved breville banquet slow cooker 🙁 with this new model. It’s a good couple of cm’s shallower. Has anyone done large legs of lamb or beef roasts in it? I can’t see how they can fit it looks too small esp if you use the roasting rack.

    1. Thanks. Do you do large roasts? I need to be able to do whole legs, forequarter lamb roasts , rumps and silverside in it. Good to know you don’t need to use the rack. I thought maybe as the insert is so thin you had to use it to prevent burning. A domed glass lid would benefit massively. Half the fun of a slow cooker is being able to see it without lifting the lid 🙂

      1. The is domed for extra height but not glass 🙂
        I don’t mind it though as I still peak often and never have to add cooking time

        I certainly do roasts and silversides etc but I guess if it was a REALLY big roast you may have troubles?
        Have a look at one in the shops to be sure but honestly I can’t fault mine

  8. I love the idea of this slow cooker but am often away during the day for 12 hours and would like my slow cooker to switch off after cooking time. Concerned that my meal would burn if left on warm function.

  9. I’m looking at getting this. I have 7 to cook for each night. This will be the first time buying a searing one. Is there anything I need to do for this type of cooking? Also does the insert lift out and I can put the whole thing with lid in the oven? And can it the insert go directly on top of a gas cooker without cracking it?

    1. Hi Kim

      The cooking bowl lifts out and can go on stove top yes (I THINK from memory gas or electric is fine just not induction – but check your manual to be sure that’s still accurate)
      The cooking bowl can also go in the oven, without the lid, you just peal off the rubber handle grips for oven then can put them back on after 🙂

  10. Hi Paulene, I am thinking of getting this slow cooker but could you tell me if it can be used on an induction cook top?, your review sounds great and I am keen for this one but not sure if I can use it on my cook top, in the review it says electric, if a magnet sticks to the bottom I can (fingers crossed)

  11. Does anyone know where I can buy a replacement bowl insert as mine has got this little bumps inside it but can’t seem to find anywhere to purchase a new bowl insert

  12. I was wondering if this one has a timer on it or the ability for it to switch off in case you are out of the house for longer than anticipated and don’t want to ruin the dish?

  13. When you originally reviewed you said:

    If I had to have just one slow cooker for my family – this is the one I would choose

    Do you still feel the same or has another taken the must have place?

  14. Like Pauline this is my favourite slow cooker and if l had to have one slow cooker this one would be it.
    I have 4 slow cookers . 3 get used pretty much weekly. The little 1.5 litre is too techy for me l think.
    Hubby bought me the 7 litre when they first came out years ago. I wore it out. So last year he bought me another.
    I got one for my daughter too.
    It is used at least once a week in our household. We now have a household of just 2 and l find making nice big batches means l can freeze meals for us to have on busy days.
    So don’t think the big size is only for big families. It’s for smaller families who have busy lives too.

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