Breville 6L ‘Smart Temp’ slow cooker review

The Breville Smart Temp is one nice looking slow cooker.

It’s the little touches like the shiny metal handles and the metal knob on the toughened glass lid that set it apart in appearance from many others on the market.

The bowl is a 6L capacity removable crockery bowl that is dishwasher safe.
The outer housing is brushed stainless steel and can be wiped over with a soft damp cloth.
The toughened glass lid is also dishwasher safe.
The Breville Smart Temp has a wrap around heating element which is great for even cooking.
This unit features a ‘smart’ programmable digital Temperature IQ sensor that automatically controls the temperature to prevent over heating – a nice feature to have!
And unlike many units that have low and high settings, this Breville Smart Temp has low, medium, high and warm.

When programming the unit it’s as easy as selecting the mode (low, medium, high or warm) with the press of a button.
Next step is setting the time.  The default time starts at 6hrs but with every press it adds 30 minutes to your cooking time -up to a total of 10hrs.
If you want less than the 6hrs you simply press it until it passes the 10hr max then it starts back at zero using the 30min intervals.
Then just press the start button and away you go.

After your programmed time passes the unit automatically switches to warm for you.
The warm feature is not recommended for cooking, but only to use after the original low, medium or high set cooking time has passed.
You can also select the ‘warm’ setting manually for up to 10hrs.

The 6L capacity bowl is a great size for families! Deep and broad enough to meet almost all your slow cooking needs 🙂

Recommended retail price of this unit is $89.95




16 thoughts on “Breville 6L ‘Smart Temp’ slow cooker review”

  1. i have the Breville 6L Smart Temp. I love this slow cooker. I like the fact that I can choose between low, medium and high. What I love most of all is that I can set the cooking time and forget about it. Food stays warm as after cooking time has expired, it switches to warm. I would buy this slow cooker again.

  2. I have this slow cooker and it is anything but slow. The low setting has food bubbling away in no time and then starts to burn. Once it switches to keep warm it only stays on this setting for a little while then clicks back to low and continues cooking. This is my second one as the led display failed in the first one. Wouldn’t recommend this one and wouldn’t buy it again.

  3. Bi have this slow cooker. I have 3 different brands and this by far my favourite. The different heat settings work well and love the auto switch to warm once the cooking time is up. No issues with burning even on high. The led display is not showing all the numbers properly after a few years of frequent use

  4. great cooker so far…….. last was a sunbeam and the led display failed within a couple of months. breville be that little bit bigger has made a difference too. so far very happy

  5. How well does this one cook? Would you recommend it? I have only ever had the Crock pot ones. Would you say there is much difference in the 2?

  6. I am new to slow cooking but have tried three machines so far. I have settled on this one. Great purchase.

  7. Can this sear?
    Looking for a slow cooker which sears and is resistant to scratching.
    Currently have the sunbeam smart chef and it is so easy sratch scratched

        1. The ceramic cookers are pretty much scratch resistant yes 🙂 Assuming you don’t use metal utensils etc in them they’ll be fine. However it’s easier to scractch the non stick coating of the searing kind if you use the wrong utensils

  8. Looking for a new one and this has caught my eye. Reviews in other places mostly mirror ones here, but am concerned as a few have mentioned how hot the unit gets – have you found this? I’m looking for a cooker I can leave on all day while at work (no one at home) and obviously concerned if it’s a fire hazard

  9. Mine was a gift had it at least 4 years and I love it though a little heavy and awkward to handle if you have older arms/ hands. Have cooked everything from dried legumes, soups, stews, joints, chutney, even quince paste( excellent for that with occasional stir on slow over 2 days). Temperatures seem right, no burning. No complaints and as we have solar very economical.

  10. I’ve seen that some people are saying that their Breville Smart Temp 6l runs too hot, maybe I should qualify my review by saying that I have never left it on all day when I have not been home. However I find Slow is very slow. At the moment I have Lamb Shanks cooking, I put on high for 2 hours to get started then will leave on slow for 4 to 5 hours or switch off before that If they are done but I don’t think they will be. I guess it is a matter of trying recipes and getting used to your cooker. I check mine a few times turn down or up and give a stir or 2 as I am home all time. I realise you can’t do that if you are out all day of course.

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