Beer Bread (better than damper)

Beer Bread (better than damper)


November 10, 2014

  • Prep: 2 mins
  • Cook: 2 hrs
  • Yields: 8 pieces


3 cups self raising flour

1 tin or bottle of beer -any sort


1Mix flour and beer together until combined,

2Line slow cooker with baking paper.

3Add dough mixture and cook on high two hours, with lid on (no tea towel required).

4Serve with melted butter, honey or syrup, or strawberry jam and cream.

5Optional: You can add garlic, herbs, spices or bacon and mushrooms for flavor.

Submitted by sherrie sutcliffe


4 Reviews


February 4, 2021

What size bottle of beer ? Please🤗


August 18, 2020

This is my go to for a savoury morning tea…I use pizza sauce, bacon and cheese…

Nancy Murphy

April 25, 2020

My husband made this bread today and it is yummy. He is very pleased with himself, worth the bottle of beer!!! He found it very ease to make and the smell when it was baking was delightful. Thank you Sherrie for a terrific recipe !!

Darren Comley

July 28, 2017

Hmm this was so easy and very tasty. I did not add to the recipe. I tried it plain – yum, with butter, even yummier and a used a buttered piece to mop up the juices of a leftover nannys braised steak i’d reheated for lunch. This really is a winner. I can see how it could be added to for a savoury side to a main meal (ie per the suggestions in the recipe) . I will also try some later/tomorrow with jam or honey, for the sweet aspect. It will rock. Being lazy, I used oil spray instead of baking paper…this produced a very crusty bottom and edge (which I like) but when I do this again i will use baking paper to see the difference in texture. Overall, I recommend you give this a go. I used a 3.5. Thanks Sherrie Sutcliffe

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