Bacon & Egg Hot Potato


April 25, 2022

A tasty creamy potato side dish - could be served hot or cold!

  • Prep: 30 mins
  • Cook: 3 hrs
  • Yields: 4 as a side dish


750g potatoes

300ml cooking cream *see notes*

3 rashers of middle bacon, rind removed and diced

1 heaped tsp minced garlic

1tsp mustard powder

1-2 tblsp fresh chives, chopped

4 hard boiled eggs, roughly choppped


1Bring 2L water to boil while you prepare potatoes

2Peel potatoes and dice into approx. 2cm sized cubes

3Add the potato to water when it's at full boil. Start a 10minute timer now. Remove from water after 10mins. It will take a while for the water to return to the boil but that's ok. It's still 10mins total from adding them to the already boiling water, to taking them off. You only want them slightly par boiled, not cooked. Drain potato then add it to slow cooker.

4Add in the cooking cream, diced bacon, garlic and mustard powder.

5Gently mix to combine

6Cook on low

7After cooking for 2.5hrs, gently fold through chives and chopped egg, but avoid excessive stirring so as not to mash up the soft potato pieces

8Then continue to cook for another 30mins to warm egg etc if it's been in fridge until now.

9Total cooking time is 3hrs on low (test that potato is tender and cooked through)

10Serve as a hot side to your main dish, or could be refrigerated as a cold side to your next BBQ or salad


1If you are using regular cream instead of the preferred cooking cream, add 1tsp corn flour to the cream first to help prevent any splitting

2If serving cold at a later time, store in fridge and consume within 48hrs

3If your slow cooker tends to cook hot keep a little extra cream on hand to add if it dries out too much, but this amount was perfect in my 3.5L slow cooker

4It does not taste like mustard - for anyone concerned about that seasoning addition 🙂

Submitted by Paulene Christie


3 Reviews

Judi Suanders

September 4, 2022

Had this hot one night and cold the next day…very nice hot and cold. Will be making it again.

Judi Suanders

September 4, 2022

I have made this and had it hot one night and had leftovers cold the next day…just as nice hot or cold. Will be making it again.


April 29, 2022

Very enjoyable cold and i will definitely make this again and thank you for sharing this recipe and i used a extra bottle of cooking cream

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