3 Ingredient Christmas Cake

3 Ingredient Christmas Cake

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Prep Time 1 day 1 hour
Cook Time 8 hours
Total Time 1 day 9 hours


  • 1kg mixed fruit
  • 2 cups SR flour
  • 750ml iced coffee (the milky kind you buy cold, ready to drink at the shops)


  • Soak fruit in iced coffee for 24hrs
  • Add flour and mix well
  • Line slow cooker with baking paper and pour mixture in
  • Use tea towel under lid
  • Cook on high for 4hrs then low for 4hrs

77 thoughts on “3 Ingredient Christmas Cake”

  1. just made this, following recipe/method near enuf to the letter.. had to take it off high after 3 hours, (it’s meant to be on high for 4 hours?), put it on low after that for the 4 hours.. as stated.. went to get it out of the slow cooker, as it was smelling rather ‘well done’.. and it was indeed VERY well done.. almost black! burnt to crisp around the outside edges, but still very tacky from centre top down, although very hard on the bottom.. think maybe this recipe could be doing with a review. wasted a 1kg packet of mixed fruit on it..

  2. I had the same thing happen Jan. Had to take it out after 3 hours on high. Burnt black on the bottom and sides. Waste of expensive fruit mix.

  3. I made this cake last year and soaked the fruit in brandy and unsweetened tea then cooked it in my oven as I would any other cake,it turned out perfect,beautiful cake,I thought it was better than the Lions cake.

  4. I would think that you would still have to put some water in the slow cooker, the recipe I saw you soaked the fruit in apple juice, I would be inclined to add some sherry or whisky, as well and you put water in the cooker, put a tea towel over the top. I made my Christmas pudding in the slow cooker, in a bowl though, and it looked and smelt delicious.

  5. Jan, Slow cooker cooking times can vary greatly depending on the size of the slow cooker. I don’t think it’s the recipe. More likely it’s lack of specificity on the size of the cooker being used. I have a large cooker, and often, I have to ADD time to recipes, because they are developed using smaller ones.

  6. You need to put water into the slow cooker so it comes half way up the cake tin. That’s how I do mine….perfect every time.

  7. I use 3/4 baileys and 1/4 Cointreau ?. Keeps well and tastes amazing. I also cook it in a pudding bowl with water in the slow cooking 1/2 way up the bowl. Serve with homemade custard and voila x

  8. Well I just cooked it high 4 hrs let sit all night turned out perfect delishhhhhh I wish I could show u my pic but I can’t def do it again ???

  9. I used this recipe last year and made 6 cakes, so far this year I have made 3 and am about to soak the fruit for the 4th cake. I have found it turns out great using pretty much anything to soak the fruit in – I have used Iced Coffee, Chocolate Milk, Pulpy Orange Juice, Gingerale etc. However I do always put in some alcohol of some sort for added taste and so it keeps better and add some spices for flavour also. I am not fussy with what alcohol either, I use what ever I can find in the cupboard or what ever is open at the time. Thre very first cake I made I just lined the slowcooker and unfortunately it did get a bit burnt around the edges and bottom. Since then I use my large oval cooker and put a round cake tin into it with a little water. When using my cake tin I also reduce the amounts eg. I have found 600grms fruit, approx 600mils liquid and 1 & half cups of flour to be perfect for my cake tin, oh and some water around the tin and tea towel on the top. People are often scared to lift the lid… don’t be.. I frequently lift it to see how its cooking and maybe add a little more water if needed. I also check with a skewer to see if its cooked – just like you would cooking a cake in the oven. Good Luck with your cakes.

    To Jan above (post 19 November) It is NOT the recipe.. problems occur with the cooking times because of the fluctuation of the temperatures of your slowcookers. Some cookers are far too hot for putting a cake straight into them… Hence I found by using a cake tin there wasn’t a problem. Sorry you wasted your fruit. Better luck next time.

  10. This was the first Christmas cake I have ever tried and chose it because it looked sooooooo easy, only 3 ingredients and comes in a slow cooker. Sadly I think my first attempt is a failure, the cakes is burnt on the outside and underneath and when I cut into it, it was still soggy and moist, which I can’t think is right. I know it shouldn’t be burnt, but what should the texture be like inside in terms of moistness ? Ps . I cooked on high for 4 hours and on low for 3 hours, because of the ‘very well done’ smell , and then switched the slow cooker off but left the cake inside for the last hour.

  11. Had to change quantities cause I didn’t have a big enough tin, and also included alcohol, but so easy and so delicious

  12. I have made this cake so many times…. its YUM. I have used Baileys…. Scotch…..Rum….Coffee Liqueur or even just juice. So yummy and moist… i have a few different slow cookers and they all cook differently in each… So cooking times is variable and up to you to check on your cake. Worth the effort and i make them as a gift for others at Christmas. This year I’m trying mini Muffin cakes… to give to the kids teachers… Hopefully they work. Im unsure of the cooking time… so will be guessing!

  13. Hey there, I am going to give this a try. First time baker bare with my nonsense questions…..

    1. What kind of fruits should I get and the quantity?
    2. Do I need to make a dough and mix that with the fruits I soaked or I will be adding the flour to the soaked fruits?
    3. Do I need to put yeast, baking powder or such…..

  14. I have made 2 of these. Both times I used a bundt tin and they cooked much quicker than the time specified. Absolutely delicious. The second time I soaked the fruit for 48 hours and it tasted even better!

  15. Campbell Jamieson

    Are you supposed to use dried fruit for this? I chopped up a bunch of fresh fruit and the end result was a runny mess. Very disappointed with this result, but I have canned it as a fruit chutney so maybe not all is lost. Would like to try this again, but would like to know what fruit options other people chose. Cheers ๐Ÿ™‚

  16. I would suggest putting the bowl on an agee screw top or an over turned saucer to prevent the bottom burning and definitely have water in the SC approximately half way up.

  17. Wonderful – I added 1 teaspoon mixed spice and 1/2 teaspoon ginger plus a bit of scotch placed in lined cake tin to the slow cooker with water 1/2 way up sides. Tea towel under lid. Approx 3 1/2 hours high and 4 1/2 hours on low. Everyone loved my beautiful moist cake.

  18. I made this for the first time at the weekend, I was to impatient to soak the fruit but I did use brandy fruit from Aldi , 750 ml orange juice, couple of tsp mixed spice and 21/4 cups SR flour, cooked 8 hours on low, absolutely delicious , definitely be making it again

  19. I did a tropical fruit version for my Mum soaking it in Apricot nectar with orange liqueur. Came our so lovely and this year Mum has asked for choc milk soak with ginger wine too… Will let you know if it works.
    P.S. reason for tropical fruit is to lighten cake for older tummy per Mum…

  20. Followed recipe to the dot but cake burnt at the bottom and sides ๐Ÿ™ disappointed as it’s a waste of fruit…

  21. My cake tin wonโ€™t fit in slow cooker. So i put baking paer and put it directly in slow cooker dish? No room for water? It hasnt finished cooking yet. Hoping it will be ok!

  22. I made this yesterday, soaked the fruit the night before. I have a reusable cake tin liner, lightly sprayed slow cooker to hold the liner,then poured mix in.
    Cooked exactly to recipe cooked to perfection.
    Forgot to put tea towel under lid, so top was more pudding like than cake, lovely warmed with yoghurt and cream poured over it.
    Have soaking now to make another in the morning, will remember to put tea towel on this time.

    I have had several slow cookers, one an original crockpot, temp was perfect, 2 after that , hot either took all day to get hot and then low was not hot enough. Next much the same, so you have to be lucky to get one with real hot and cold temps.
    Now have a Phillips multi cooker, just perfect

  23. Just a question. The recipe does not say to put the mix in a tin then into the slow cooker with water. From my reading of comments it sounds like you need to. Is that correct?
    If so It’s no wonder cakes burn. If it is correct is it possible to change the recipe from the top?

  24. Yet to cook my mixture. Been soaking in chocolate milk and melted chocolate for two days. Added peeled almonds broken walnuts glazed cherries. Nutmeg cinnamon ginger. Found some brandy in the frig ,that too went in. Then I thought , โ€œhome made marmaladeโ€ in it went.
    Now to decide how to cook. I think Iโ€™ll put water into the easy cook, have the temperature low and see how it goes.
    My slow cooker seems to get very hot on Low so I am not risking it. The easy cook can go very low.
    Iโ€™ll send a report on first how it turns out and secondly how it tasted. Storing between now and Christmas. I hope in the frig will be adequate.

  25. Did a smaller batch as another recommended to fit in my pudding steamer.
    600 gr brandy infused Aldi fruit.
    400mls iced coffee
    100 mls baileys
    100 mls Cointreau
    11/2 cups self raising flour.
    Soaked as instructed overnight, placed in pudding steamer and placed in slow cooker, added water to halfway up the steamer.
    Cooked 8 hrs on low.
    Very happy with the result, moist and delicious. Thought the alcohol may have been a tad too much when tasting after the soaking befor cooking, but mellowed to a beautiful flavour once cooked
    Thankyou for the recipe!?

  26. I made the 3 ingredient fruit cake 2 days ago, although I did get the quantity of fruit wrong, this recipe calls for 1kg of mixed fruit, but i read it wrong and i used 2kg instead. However it turned out perfect and super moist, very proud of myself.

  27. Has anyone stored this for any length of time? Thinking of making a few and storing until Christmas- not sure if it would keep?

  28. I have been soaking overnight and will be cooking this afternoon. Can’t wait to see how it turns out. I’m using chocolate milk so the kids can eat it too!

  29. Hi, what size slow cooker did you use? I really would like to try this recipe and I have a 3.5litre slow cooker. Would the mixture be too much? I guess I can halve it if it is. Thank you.

  30. I cooked this for 3 1/2 hours on low in my Breville Meal Maker, the sides had just started to burn. It was quite moist and a little burnt on the outside. I do wonder if the recommendation of cooking for 6. – 8 hours is in a smaller slow cooker, which makes the cake deeper and takes longer to cook through. I still think it would burn on the outside though.

  31. Just made this had it in a tin on water in slow cooker for 9hrs on low still very soggy, even inside on testing with skewer. Ended up having to put in conventional oven to finish off. Finally done 10hrs later (total time) looks gr8 but don’t think it would ever have cooked in slow cooker

  32. Made my first cake tasted nice had to ignore the hard burnt outside ! My cooker is a Sainsburyโ€™s make 3.5 L 900W cooker I set It for 8 hrs and took it out 26 mins early as every time I tested it was not done in the middle ? so I might give to a go on 4 hrs on L &4 hrs on H or just cut the time on low not sure so varied with different makes and expensive to keep trying if not 100% result . Looking forward to hearing ideas ?

  33. This is not a Christmas cake ,it only has three ingredients ,it’s a Christmas pudding ,maybe that’s why some people think it hasn’t cooked

  34. I have made celebration cakes to order for many year always in the oven .
    Tried this recipe last year it turned out extremely well in my Phillips Multi cooker.
    Certainly a cake not a pudding, used coffee.
    I always put Sherry or Whiskey in the baked ones, keep them fresh for years in a dark cupboard, people usually have one layer on 1st anniversary.
    Will make one tonight with dry sherry and see what it is like at Christmas. Last ones I made about a week ahead and were OK

  35. If I put the mixture in a square silicon container placed on an upturned tin, do I still have to put water in the s/c halfway up the silicon container? Thanks.

  36. Made this for Xmas with Baileys! It was amazing and will be my go to from now on . ? Even delicious made with a cheap version of Baileys. Highly recommend ??

  37. 4 stars
    I mixed 600mls of Dare double expresso (no added sugar) with 150mls of rum that I had left over from my other Christmas baking. I have a 3.5L SC with non stick insert so baked directly in, just sprayed it a little first. Cooked on low for 6.5hrs though it was seemed cooked around the 5 hour mark. everyone loved it and was super moist.

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