Category: Rice

Nasi Goreng

A delicious Indonesian fried rice - with chicken breast and Chinese BBQ pork - topped with fried egg and fresh garnishes is sure to impress!

Perfect Rice

Who needs a rice cooker when you can cook rice in your slow cooker!

Mango Sausages, Rice and Veg

A great complete meal all in one, grab a bowl, grab a spoon and just tuck in!
Vegetables, sausages and rice in a mango sauce :)

Slow cooker mushroom & bacon risotto!

A beautifully textured and deliciously creamy risotto made in next to no time!

Rice Stuffing

We started making this as a bread free alternative for stuffing and now cook it like this so we have enough for everyone

Brown Rice

Simple & easy slow cooked brown rice!

Mexican Rice

A spicey rice dish which can be eaten on it's own or as a compliment with other dishes, poultry & fish.

~~Chinese inspired fried rice~~

Chicken Fried Rice

Rice pudding