Category: Fruit

Poached Quince

You can enjoy these on their own, add custard and ice-cream, place on your morning cereal

Apple Pie Filling

I used this as apple pie filling and apple crumble but you could use it for anything or just eat them!
They are yummy on there own with some ice cream

Cider Braised Pear Relish

After having pear relish at one of our favourite restaurants we loved it so much we had to try and recreate it :)

Strawberry and Apple Crumble

A sweet crumble for two cooked in the baby 1.5L cooker.

Gluten Free Apple Crumble

I made this gluten free by substituting the oats for quinoa flakes but you can still use oats if you have no allergy

Vanilla Cinnamon Pears

Poached Apples

Coffee Poached Pears

Pineapple Compote

Apple and Sultana snack bites