Category: Dessert

Blueberry Cobbler

Crockpot cobbler

Choc orange cookie pudding

Easy and very tasty dessert. The topping tastes just like chocolate cookies. Use any fruit you like and enjoy.

Strawberry & Lemonade Upside Down Cake

A deliciously, moist and sweet cake perfect for afternoon tea or dessert.

Easy peach dessert

SUPER EASY Fruity pudding topped with walnuts

Strawberry and Apple Crumble

A sweet crumble for two cooked in the baby 1.5L cooker.

Malteser Slow Cooker Pancake

The dessert that captivated our half a million member Facebook group while we awaited the end result hahaha

Fudge-tastic Brownies

Take brownies up to a new level of YUM with a sweet fudge topping

Brownie Bliss Bombs

Take a decadent chocolate brownie, add a biscuit layer, then add a fudge layer and you have the ever so lush slow cooker Brownie Bliss Bombs!


Clafoutis is the french name given to a fruit pudding. This is one of my favourite desserts as it's simple, delicious and light. It goes perfectly with a dollop of cream or icecream.

Gluten Free Apple Crumble

I made this gluten free by substituting the oats for quinoa flakes but you can still use oats if you have no allergy