Category: Condiments/Preserves

Green Tomato Chutney

This is a lovely chutney with a bit of a bite to it. Great for crackers

Preserved Mandarin Peel in Syrup

Great to add to desserts cakes or over ice-cream.
This recipe can be made using other citrus.

Chutney – Tomato & Fruit

Slow cooked fruit preserve :)

Spicy Tropical Mango Chutney

Great spicy kick on summer salads and burgers or as a winter warmer on schnitzels and white meat roasts

Rustic BBQ Sauce

A rustic homemade bbq sauce that can be served at a bbq or used as a substitute when cooking

The Cob-less Hot Cob Dip!

Think of a lush cob loaf - minus the cob! Great for low carb folk, for parties and for entertaining :) A cheesy, creamy dip delight!

Cider Braised Pear Relish

After having pear relish at one of our favourite restaurants we loved it so much we had to try and recreate it :)

Sweet Chilli Sauce

Love sweet chilli sauce? Make your own! :)

Quince Paste

Make your own quince paste to go with your next cheese platter :)