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3 Ingredient Christmas Fruit Cake – CUPCAKE SIZE

Gooey Chocolate Brownie

It will be crunchy on outside and gooey in the middle

Healthy Banana Cake

A healthy recipe for a classic cake.

Coconut Pie

A very easy dessert to make. You basically mix all the ingredients together and put in the slow cooker ....2 hours later a delicious treat

Muesli carrot loaf

A spin on a traditional carrot cake

Banana-Berry Loaf

A sweet fruity crockpot cake or dessert with the family friendly flavours of strawberry and banana!
So tasty and so easy to slow cook!

Sweet apple and sultana damper

Simple to prepare and a very tasty outcome, delicious served hot with butter or honey. Kids love it as it is being eaten within 2 hours of starting the prep.

Strawberry Cream Cheese Loaf

A dense strawberry cream cheese loaf cake :)

Coconut Cake

A quick, easy coconut filled cake

Settlers tea cake

A moist cake introduced by the drovers back in the1800's