Category: Breakfast

Croissant Quiche

Big Breakfast ~ Slow Cooker Style

Porridge ~ Fast & Easy in the 1.5L ~

Chorizo baked beans

Baked beans with a twist

Gluten Free Boston Beans

Brekky Cob

Loaded breakfast cob with crispy finish :)

Sausage Breakfast Casserole

A hearty sausage breakfast casserole to warm and fill hungry tummies!


Eggs poached in a spicy tomato sauce. Perfect for breakfast or add a salad and serve for brunch or an easy dinner.

Easy Peasy Cheesy Rolls

Simple enough the kids can do with minimal supervision or you can throw together quickly for an eat and run breakfast.
We had them as an easy grab and go tea :)

Morning Mushrooms – Low Carb Friendly

Imagine a big tasty mushroom filled with garlic butter, bacon, tomato, spinach and topped with melted tasty cheese!
Imaging it? Bet you want it now!