Category: Beef

Osso Bucco

Tender melt in your mouth Osso Bucco in a rich gravy and fresh vegetables

Mississippi Pot Roast

A classic dish - perfect for your slow cooker!

Diced beef in Rich Rosemary and Garlic Gravy

A tasty beef in a rich herb and garlic gravy. Perfect served with creamy mashed potato, carrots and corn cobs. You might like to include some crusty bread or soft white dinner rolls to get every last drop of the gravy off your plates too โ€“ itโ€™s that yummy!

Silverside Sliders with Mustard & Brown Sugar Glaze

Iโ€™m always asked options for leftover silverside/corned meat.
Here's how to repurpose the leftovers into a new meal you'll LOVE!

Low Carb Oxtail Stew

This will sure be your regular in your house ๐Ÿ˜Š

Chinese braised beef

A lovely delicate Chinese flavoured dish that will have your friend or family licking their plates clean !

Silverside in Foil – Nothing added

Cheap and Easy!

Slow Cooker Beef & Red Wine Casserole

Chunky Beef & Veggie Casserole

A nice hearty & chunky casserole full of flavour & perfect for that cold winter meal.

Beef & Vegetable Easy Casserole

Budget friendly with simple flavours. Any veggies on hand could be used. Could easily be converted to a curry by adding curry powder to the stock.