Category: Asian

Chinese braised beef

A lovely delicate Chinese flavoured dish that will have your friend or family licking their plates clean !

Sweet & Sour Chicken

Classic sweet & sour flavoured chicken served with rice or veggies.

Honey Soy Pulled Chicken

Full of flavour and nicely balanced. This is a family favourite of ours. Our kids devour it 😋

Miso Ramen Soup

Sweet BBQ Style Pork Fillet

Singapore Noodles with Chicken, Prawns and Chinese BBQ Pork

Mee Goreng

Supercharged Satay Chicken

Hands down my favourite recipe from book 5 - I even cooked this one live on the Today Show 🙂

Khmer Beef Curry

Chinese Style Chicken

This Chinese style chicken recipe is simple and delicious, and kid friendly.