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Cheesy chicken pasta bake Review Posted on September 4, 2021

I cooked this on the Slow Cooker setting on my multi cooker. Because of that I couldn't do the tea towel trick so just mixed the cheese through at the end and it was good to serve. Very tasty, no over powering tomato taste either. It was so good that hubby wants the leftovers for fathers day dinner.

Cheesy chicken garlic balls Review Posted on June 2, 2021

I was a little sceptical about making these as I thought they would be very plain tasting. I was wrong, they were bursting with garlic goodness, they are so easy to prepare too. Next time I make these I will make the cheese cubes bigger, I used Colby because that's what I had. I served these with chips and 'Gravox our best chicken gravy'. These were enjoyed by myself and my family ( hubby and 12 yr old daughter).

Mee Goreng Review Posted on March 22, 2021

This would have to be one of the nicest stir frys I've ever eaten. Leftovers heated in the microwave the next day make for a tasty easy lunch too.

Tasty Tomato Beef in Gravy Review Posted on March 20, 2021

Beautiful tasty meal. I made it exactly to the recipe. I added some steamed small potatoes at the end, may add them raw at the beginning next time. Served with crusty rolls. Lovely flavour and such a hearty comfort meal.

Sombrero Chicken Review Posted on November 28, 2020

Delicious! I used a jar of Beerenberg Apricot jam for this and I made a cheesy mashed potato to serve with it. Sauce was lovely..

Sweet Sauce Sausages Review Posted on February 16, 2020

I really enjoyed this. The sauce was lovely. My sauce stayed quite runny even with using a tea towel for the last two hours, I didn't want to use cornflour. It was still very tasty and hubby and Miss 10 also enjoyed. I served it with roast potatoes, corn on the cob and baby peas. I can't wait to have this one again!

Sticky honey chicken Review Posted on January 4, 2020

This is a good one. I used 1 medium sized breast that I diced. I didn't have light soy sauce so I used regular soy but halved the amount, everything else was the amounts stated. It was ready in my 3.5L Russell Hobbs in about 3.5 hours. I served it on a bed of white rice and sprinkled sesame seeds on top. Really nice flavour and the amount I did was enough for two adults. Also great that all the sauce ingredients were staples in my cupboard or fridges. Tasty recipe.

Sausages in BBQ/Mustard sauce Review Posted on December 31, 2019

Fantastic way to jazz up boring sausages. Was enjoyed by the family. The sauce really was delicious. I served with a home made potato salad.

Slow Cooker Hot Dogs Review Posted on December 16, 2019

I really wanted to like these but unfortunately it was not the case. They are a very gourmet hot dog and I think I prefer just a basic soft roll hot dog. I made one by following the ingredients and another with no onion and bbq sauce instead of ranch. Neither hit the spot for me sadly.

Creamy Mexican Chicken Review Posted on December 14, 2019

Fantastic! I used two chicken fillets, lactose free Philadelphia cream cheese and Zymil lactose free cream. Chicken shredded up great. I served it with Aldi potato gratins and some frozen mixed veg zapped in the microwave. It served 2 adults and a 10 year old. There is enough leftovers for lunch the next day which I'll serve on wraps.

Chinese Style Chicken Review Posted on November 24, 2019

Yum, Loved this! I halved all the ingredients as it was only for 2 adults, and cooked for 3 hours in my 3.5L Russell Hobbs. I served it with a green salad and found the sauce worked really nice on the salad too. My daughter wasn't a fan because she found it too spicy but she won't eat anything with even a slight amount of spice. I myself don't like spicy foods and didn't really find it too spicy at all. Will definitely be making this again..

Corned silverside with golden syrup Review Posted on November 19, 2019

I cut the meat after cooking and put it back in the pot with the syrup and found it to be way too sweet. Didn't taste anything like silverside. It's a no from hubby and me but my 10 year old daughter liked it.

Buttermilk Cabbage Review Posted on November 19, 2019

My household didn't enjoy this at all. My 10 year old has just started to enjoy cabbage boiled in water on the stove and then served with butter, however she would not eat this.

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