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Asian style chicken noodle soup Review Posted on November 23, 2019

Wasn't a100% sure about this when I first read the recipe but so glad I decided to give it a try.
Great combination of flavours and so easy to throw together
Definately going to be one of my go to soups from here on

Braised steak & onion Review Posted on February 18, 2018

Loved this, the only thing I changed was thicken with some gravox as I had no cornflour. Turned out fantastic.

SWEET CHILLI MEATBALLS Review Posted on March 8, 2017

So decided to give this recipe a try today only problem is stupid me didn't notice that the bulk of the ingredients are to be mixed in the meatballs. Seeing as I already had store bought meatballs decided to give it a try by just combining all the ingredients into the sauce, omg can't believe how tasty the sauce as become so rich and spicy. Think I may stick to doing it this way lol

1-2-3 Roast Beef Review Posted on March 1, 2017

Used a 1.3kb topside roast, added some thyme, rock salt and cracked pepper and 500ml beef stock along with the water. Only required 6 hours on low and meat is just so tender. Mixed in Gravox supreme with the liquid and have made the most beautiful, rich gravy. Will never be doing a roast in an oven again, this recipe so easy and so tasty.

Lamb Shanks with Obsession sauce Review Posted on January 31, 2017

Not one I would do again, fat from the shanks made the sauce greasy and ruined the taste. After doing this recipe with Lamb chops which turned out awesome was quite dissapointed with this version.

Lamb Obsession Review Posted on January 21, 2017

First attempt at this dish, used 6 lamb leg chops and everything ad per recipe. Meat is literally falling of the bone and the taste of the gravy is awesome. Definitely one I'm going to be doing again.

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7 hrs 5 mins
4 hrs 25 mins
1-2-3 Roast Beef

Category: 4 Ingredients or LESS!, Beef
6 hrs 5 mins
Lamb Obsession

Category: Lamb
6 hrs 5 mins
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