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Coconut cashew chicken Review Posted on December 5, 2018

Really enjoyed this, and kids loved it too. Used diced peeled potato as didn’t have enough chicken, and would do that again. Browned chicken/onion first. Added 2 tsp curry powder. Next time will roast some veggies to stir through for adults (kids like veggies raw on the side).

Simple Saucy Shredded Beef Review Posted on June 28, 2018

Whole family liked it. Used 750g of casserole beef. Used 4 whole spring onions (white and green part). Added a leek and a grated zucchini. Took lid off for final 2 hours to thicken up (due to less meat). Added gravy at end as suggested. Good on rolls with coleslaw and also with mashed potatoes and peas. Will use leftovers for pies.

Hidden Veg Bolognese Review Posted on June 16, 2018

Awesome, easy, did this with a smaller amount of mince so reduced quantities of everything. Left out the sugar, used mixed herbs in place of spaghetti bolognese seasoning. Will be a regular recipe.

My Favorites
Tomato and Red Wine Lamb Shanks

Category: Gluten Free, Lamb
8 hrs 10 mins
Sausages, Pork and Beans

Category: 8+ hrs, Dairy Free, Gluten Free, Healthy Options, Lactose Free, Pork, Sausages
8 hrs 10 mins
Winter Vegetable Curry

Category: Vegetable, Vegetarian
4 hrs 15 mins
6 hrs 15 mins
Winter lamb shanks

Category: Dairy Free, Gluten Free, Lactose Free, Lamb
8 hrs 10 mins
4 hrs 5 mins
Roasted Cauliflower Soup

Category: Dairy Free, Gluten Free, Healthy Options, Soup, Vegetarian
4 hrs 15 mins
Curried Sausages

Category: Gluten Free, Lactose Free, Sausages
5 hrs 10 mins
Lamb shanks in red wine gravy

Category: 8+ hrs, Lamb
8 hrs 10 mins
Curried Sausages

Category: Indian, Sausages
4 hrs 10 mins
Simple Saucy Shredded Beef

Category: 8+ hrs, Beef, Dairy Free, Gluten Free, Healthy Options, Lactose Free
9 hrs 45 mins
Paprika Chicken

Category: Chicken
4 hrs 40 mins
Honey Balsamic Chicken

Category: Chicken
5 hrs 10 mins
6 hrs 10 mins
Hidden Veg Bolognese

Category: Beef, Healthy Options, Mince
4 hrs 30 mins
Spicy Italian Hotpot

Category: Italian, Sausages
4 hrs 15 mins
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