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Super Easy Roast Lamb Review Posted on January 26, 2017

Super Easy - but also Super Tasty
We had this with roast vegies, but it would also be really lovely served in rolls.
An easy, tasty way to cook a Leg of Lamb

Creamy hassleback chicken Review Posted on December 19, 2016

What an incredibly lovely dish. I just used homebrand tasty cheese and it was still really nice.
I did halve the recipe as it was only feeding 2 of us and served it with chips and vegies
But next time I will be serving it with rice as that sauce was divine.
Thanks Lisa for such an amazing dish

Sticky Chinese Pork Belly Review Posted on May 5, 2016

I quote "by far the best dish youve cooked so far" according to my hubby
I used apple cider vinegar instead of rice wine as that was what I had.
Delicious - Just Delicious

Thai Peanut Chicken Review Posted on April 24, 2016

Looking through the book, I came across this recipe, and all the ingredients were ones we generally eat - just not altogether.
Thinking I might give this a go, we had it with drumsticks as that was what I had in the fridge, and was incredibly surprised at the taste of the sauce.
A really lovely combination of ingredients that work really well together
Will definitely be making this again and cant wait to try it with the thighs as suggested in the recipe

Fresh Apple Turnover Review Posted on March 15, 2016

No teatowe required

Mashed Potatoes Review Posted on February 19, 2016

Perfect timing, and worked a treat
Meat in one sc'er, Mashed in another sc'er,
Dinner's almost served.

Slow Cooked Crumbed Sausages. Review Posted on February 19, 2016

A really nice crunchy crumbed snag - Everybody loves a crumbed sausages
Does it get any better?

1-2-3 Roast Beef Review Posted on February 19, 2016

Easy Peasy way to cook Roast Beef
for something so easy, comes something so tasty

Softdrink/Soda Cake Review Posted on February 19, 2016

2 Ingredients
2 Easy
2 Delicious
Along with the cake blog - such a great way to make a cake

3 ingredient traditional scones Review Posted on February 19, 2016

I made these for my dad who didn't believe scones could be made in a SC'er
I sure showed him.....
'Gee, these are even better than your mothers'
Perfect - Thanks for the recipe

Best Roast Pork Ever Review Posted on February 19, 2016

For a first-timer, I think this is the best way to cook Roast Pork.
And now I've cooked it a number of times... I still think this is the best way to cook Roast Pork
Simple, Easy, Tasty

Caramel Dumplings Review Posted on February 19, 2016

Divine. Magical. Awesome. Naughty
All Rolled Into One.

Savoury Mince Review Posted on February 19, 2016

Just like my mum used to make. And it doesn't get any better than that

Creamy Steak Diane Review Posted on February 19, 2016

Just like a pub steak - without the cost. A simple meal, easy to follow, yet so much flavour

Thai Green Chicken Curry Review Posted on February 4, 2016

Easy to follow & easy to eat 🙂
A delicious Thai dish that's just like takeaway - but better!

Sticky Bacon Wrapped Sausages Review Posted on February 3, 2016

Does it get any better?
This is one of my most favourite ways to cook snags in a slow cooker

Pancake Cake Review Posted on January 27, 2016

Awesome Idea. I used my 7ltre and made 1 big pancake. Then served it with icecream/chocolate shards/chocolate topping/whipped cream/raspberries/bananas - Whatever you want 🙂
A great way to make pancakes for 4 without the hassle of standing over the oven

Thai Mango Curry Chicken Review Posted on January 27, 2016

An outstanding easy , yet delicious meal.
Definitely a 5 star meal in our house and would highly recommend it

Curried Sausages Review Posted on January 18, 2016

Another delicious dish by Paulene.
I made it exactly to the recipe and it was lovely and thickened nicely at the end
I served it on a bed of rice, with homemade naan bread and a dollop of greek yoghurt.

Savoury Scones Review Posted on December 28, 2015

Perfect Savoury Scones, with directions easy to follow
Thanks - another great recipe

Hidden Veg Hamburgers Review Posted on December 28, 2015

These are so easy to cook. They don't burn on the outside, and still raw on the inside which is what happens in a frypan
A great Aussie Burger in a Slow Cooker - does it get any better!

Vanilla Slice Review Posted on December 17, 2015

Better than from the Bakery
A really lovely recipe.
Note to self - Make double 🙂

Surf and turf Review Posted on December 16, 2015

Perfect - Just like a pub meal

Crumbed Chicken Nuggets Review Posted on December 16, 2015

Loved these nuggets. They were fantastic

CREAMY MUSTARD PORK CHOPS Review Posted on November 24, 2015

A really great tasting dish

Chunky Steak Pie Review Posted on November 13, 2015

Better than a bought pie

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Chunky Steak Pie

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8 hrs 20 mins
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