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Gingerbeer Silverside Review Posted on March 1, 2017

Ok, so I was a little worried about making this. I am not a ginger beer or ginger ale fan and thought that it all I was going to taste. However, I did go ahead and make it. Now I have grown up with my mum cooking silverside but with vinegar, mustard, herbs and a few extra special ingredients. I have tried to make hers but have always failed and my husband would never eat it. So I thought I would give a new recipe a try and OH MY... not only was it yummy (no ginger ale taste, just a small sweetness taste) my husband ate it and request I make another one!! WINNING! Will defiantly keep cooking it this way and it is so easy.

Garlic Bread, Bacon & Egg Delight Review Posted on March 1, 2017

Love this! When I made it was a huge hit, Everyone demolished it.

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