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Anzac Self Saucing Pudding Review Posted on June 18, 2022


Don’t often make dessert, but so glad I made this one.!!
Highly recommend this one for those that like sweet, gooey yumminess on a cold winter night. Secretly glad it’s only me and hubby living at home now so we don’t have to share the leftovers over the next couple of nights

Chicken Pesto Penne Review Posted on May 30, 2022

This did not disappoint!
Great meal for a cold Sunday night.
Only changes I made to ingredients was to use chunky diced bacon, and chicken breasts (instead of thighs). I also didn’t use any cheese in the cooking process, instead I chose to grate some Parmesan on top after I served it up.
Will definitely be making this again ❤️

Bacon double cheeseburger meatloaf Review Posted on February 27, 2022

With a thought in mind how I recalled the taste of a bacon double cheese burger I made some subtle changes. Mixture was too wet to my preference so added about 1 cup of crumbed cornflakes. I brushed Dijon mustard between the two meat layers and brushed a mixture of tomato and bbq sauces over the top.
After tasting a little bit when cooked, the sauce taste is a bit too sweet. Still totally edible and tasty though.
When I make it the next time - will be using more herbs and spices (onion salt, cracked pepper, thyme) and will change out bbq sauce for a sauce with a bit more of a savory taste.

This recipe should not be overlooked 👍

Triple Choc Mug Cakes Review Posted on February 20, 2022

These were soooo scrum-i-licious
I served with whipped cream but I think vanilla icecream would be just divine.

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