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Massaman Beef Curry Review Posted on May 5, 2021

I probably wouldn't double everything as it makes quite a lot of sauce. I would probably add another can of paste, another 400ml coconut milk, extra potato and onion and adjust the spices according to taste. Doubling the spices may make it too strong, just extra of everything.
This recipe as is makes a large batch, a good 7-8 serves.

Beef & Chicken Singapore noodles Review Posted on April 26, 2020

Wow, had no ideal noodles could taste so good in the slow cooker! I followed the recipe, but added the extra curry powder and also tumeric as suggested. My slow cooker cooks fast so only cooked for 2 hours before adding noodles and water, then cooked for half an hour and it was perfect. I used 3 squares of rice vermicilli noodles and it was the perfect amount. Feed 5 adults easy. Will definitely make again.

Lamb kebabs Review Posted on July 30, 2019

Wow! Didn't think I was going to like this but it was AMAZING! Fed 5 of us (myself, husband and 3 adult children) easily. Used Greek seasoning and added some cayenne pepper and put the load on a bed of sliced onion (didn't wrap it). Family weren't keen when they saw it come out of the slow cooker, but one taste changed their minds. All of them RAVED! Definitely a regular Sunday night dinner in our house!

Saucy Pulled Pork Review Posted on March 20, 2016

Delish!! Kids favourite slow cooker recipe. And leftovers on wraps are a bonus!

Lamb Obsession Review Posted on March 20, 2016

My non-lamb loving kids absolutely love this!!! Such an easy yet delicious recipe. I usually use lamb forequarter chops, trim the fat, chuck it in and go to work. Definitely a regular in our house

Sour Cream & Bacon Slow Cooker Chicken Review Posted on March 20, 2016

This is a huge hit in our house!!! So, so easy, but so, so tasty. Serve it with rice/pasta for kids, or steamed veg for hubby and I. Have also added capsicum or peas or mushrooms, depending on what I have. Love it!

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