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Pasta Carbonara Review Posted on June 18, 2016

Great recipe, I've even cooked it with 300ml cream & 1 tin of soup the only thing there's no left overs.

Bacon Wrapped Chicken Parmi Loaf Review Posted on June 18, 2016

Loved this. I used 1kg of mince omitted the salt & used a bread crumb with herbs & also just used mixed herbs, I only doubled the bread crumbs & used 2-3 teaspoons of mixed herbs. I prepared the night before wrapped tightly in glad wrap & had no issues with the bacon not staying. I finished off in hot oven for about 15 minutes to crisp bacon

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Creamy Mexican Chicken

Category: 4 Ingredients or LESS!, Chicken, Mexican
4 hrs 45 mins
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Savoury Scrolls

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2 hrs
Pasta Carbonara

Category: Chicken, Pasta
5 hrs 45 mins
Cola Beef (Coke)

Category: 4 Ingredients or LESS!, 8+ hrs, Beef
8 hrs 5 mins
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