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Mongolian beef Review Posted on August 25, 2017

I think i used the wrong cut of steak so was a little tough but amazing otherwise

My Favorites
Saucy Chicken

Category: Chicken
4 hrs 40 mins
5 hrs 15 mins
Spinach and Ricotta Vegetarian Lasagna

Category: Pasta, Vegetarian
4 hrs 40 mins
Chicken & Corn Soup

Category: Soup
8 hrs 5 mins
Classic Pea and Ham Soup

Category: 8+ hrs, Soup
8 hrs
Easy Chocolate Cake

Category: 1.5L, Cakes
1 hr 50 mins
Fried Rice

Category: Asian, Rice
1 hr 35 mins
Coca-Cola Soy Chicken

Category: 4 Ingredients or LESS!, Chicken
6 hrs
Delicious Steak

Category: Steak
6 hrs 10 mins
Choc chip banana cake

Category: Baking, Cakes
3 hrs 15 mins
Mushroom Egg Cups

Category: 4 Ingredients or LESS!, Breakfast, Eggs, Low Carb, Vegetarian
50 mins
Sticky honey chicken

Category: Asian, Chicken
2 hrs 20 mins
Honey butter veggies

Category: Vegetable
2 hrs 40 mins
Homemade Pizza Scrolls

Category: Baking, Bread, Lunchbox, Snacks
1 hr 30 mins
Spaghetti Bolognaise Sauce

Category: Italian, Mince, Pasta
6 hrs 10 mins
Best Roast Pork Ever

Category: 4 Ingredients or LESS!, Pork
8 hrs
Zucchini Slice

Category: Eggs
4 hrs 10 mins
Honey & Garlic Chicken

Category: Asian, Chicken
6 hrs 5 mins
Mongolian beef

Category: Asian, Beef
4 hrs 15 mins
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