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Chicken With Camembert Sauce Review Posted on June 3, 2018

i made this tonight

Chunky chicken pie Review Posted on May 19, 2018

Chunky Chicken Pie, first time poster, and long time follower, this is the first recipe i have tried from the website and we loved it, my husbands advised, ITS A KEEPER, i felt good throughout the whole process, very simple and easy to follow recipe, i strayed two steps and added Maggi Creme of Chicken soup as well, i used the fluid from the corn kernal to mix it with, and at the end, of the cooking process, i added a thickening, with curry and pinch of brown sugar, i was going to leave it overnight and make a batch of pies tomorrow, realised we had nothing pulled out for tea so decided to pull out the pie maker tonight, i was a little disheartened when i opened the pie maker, (i did overfill them purposely so to fill the top pastry as it rises) BUT after cutting them out, they held solid, pie maker cleaned up nicely at the end, these pies were perfect, delicious, tasty, not dry, fully flavorsome, ill be using the rest of the mixture to make more single pies to freeze for quick snacks and lunches in the morning,
Thanks for the awesome recipe really love it, next weekend i will be trying the chunky steak and mushroom pie.

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