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Roast Lamb with rosemary butter & red wine sauce Review Posted on July 3, 2022

Very nice, although I had no red wine per say, but used red wine vinegar..
Meat was lovely, sauce great too but had the vinegar tang, nothing bad, but adds a different flavour

Drunken lamb shanks Review Posted on May 31, 2022

Decided to try this one tonight and wow, bloody great feed, sauce great, shanks great, served with potato mash and broccoli, mm mm, must try for sure

Chicken with Asparagus and Bacon Review Posted on May 26, 2022

Tried this one last night and not disappointed at all, I didn't have asparagus, So I used cream of chicken, very nice indeed.

Doner Kebab Review Posted on March 25, 2022

This is becoming a regular in our house.
As we are off camping, I cooked this for our meal and made extra to have on Saturday night with friends.
To be sure I cooked enough, I made a large kebab meat.
I increased the portions x 4
2 x 500g lamb mince
1 x 500g chicken Mince
1 x 500g pork Mince

I increased all spices etc x 4 except for cayenne as I found it can ovrpowe so used 3 tsp only
I never altered the cooking time, left on low for 6 hours and nothing wrong with the feed at all
Plenty left over for freezer for another couple of meals.

Easy Meatballs and Spaghetti Sauce Review Posted on February 17, 2022

So we tried this one last night.. very good and another to have on the list to do again.

Meatloaf Review Posted on December 15, 2021

What a great feed, my only gripe is that there was too much liquid, however, it was still delicious and definitely on the menu again.
For some reason it won't allow me to rate on my phone so I give this 4.5 stars.

Meatloaf Review Posted on December 13, 2021

So, I decided to give this one a try tonight and I have to say that nobody was disappointed..
I did change a few things but I don't think they would have made a difference...
I added about 1tbs of Worcestershire sauce to the meatloaf ingredients and an extra 1/4 cup breadcrumbs...

Marinated Silverside Review Posted on December 12, 2021

Decided to try this tonight and we were quite happy with the outcome, good taste and meat sliced well..
Only cooked for 7 hours then let rest as not a huge piece of meat.. Give it a try, quite good.

Mushroom Chicken Review Posted on November 25, 2021

quite nice, i only had drumsticks so used 6 for 3 adults, quite happy with the taste and flavour, will have this again someday..

Doner Kebab Review Posted on September 21, 2021

We tried this for the first time last night and it was great.
However, I did find that the cayenne pepper overpowered it a little so will use a little less next time IMO. (btw, I do love my spicy foods..)
If you like a kebab, then have a try of this one.
I used double mince etc so we having kebabs again tonight as well.

Chunky chicken pie Review Posted on September 7, 2021

Winner Winner Chicken Dinner...
First time and very happy with the outcome, great flavours and an enjoyable feed...
Another added to the to do again list..
A must try if you like chicken pies...!

Honey BBQ Whole Chicken Review Posted on August 8, 2021

My first attempt at cooking a whole chook in the SC and I was not disappointed..
Served with sides of peas and corn, Baked potato and pumpkin with baked caulie sprinkled with oil, onion salt and parmeson cheese..
Only change I made was half the garlic (personal choice..)
Melted in my mouth while eating and the flavour just added the extra taste for the taste buds..
I will definitely be cooking more whole chickens from here..

Lambs Fry and Bacon Review Posted on August 7, 2021

Decided to give this one a whirl and it came out pretty good..
Garlic a bit strong but that's only personal taste..
If your a lambs fry lover, you will enjoy this one..

Honey Mustard Corn Cobs Review Posted on August 2, 2021

Decided to try these for the first time as a side with pulled pork & cauliflower bake..
Absolutely stunning and will be cooking this many more times..
The honey and mustard flavour through the meal was spot on...
Another one recommended...

Loaded Cauliflower Bake Review Posted on August 2, 2021

I made this one for the first time and it will not be my last, what a great way to have Cauliflower..
We have a camping trip planned and this will be on the menu when we are at Takaraka camping ground on our powered site (taking the 2 pot SC with us)
If you like Cauliflower, you will definitely enjoy this recipe...!

Honey BBQ Pulled Pork Review Posted on August 2, 2021

Very good...
Made to the recipe and had a great flavour, I used Coke and Smokey BBQ Sauce..
The family are quite enjoying these meals and so am I..
Recommend to try this one...!

Family Friendly Beef Curry Review Posted on July 27, 2021

Another winner here..
I like my curries hot, but this was quite nice and I probably will not change it when I cook it again
served with steamed rice and veg and went down real well..
Give it a go if you like a curry...!

Chicken Legs Wrapped In Bacon Review Posted on July 26, 2021

How good is this one..
The Potatoes alone were terrific but added the drumsticks and flavour topped the meal off great..
I have made variations of this one but decided to stick to the original recipe here on this one and I was glad I did..
All plates were cleaned up with only the bone left-over..
I added about 3 Tbs of cream to the potatoes to give it a creamier texture and served with Steamed Broccoli and Carrots as I had no Silverbeet..
I added approximately 50/50 of water and Juice to boil the Potatoes..
Will definitely be having this one again...!

Roast Pork + AMAZING PORK CRACKLE Review Posted on July 25, 2021

this was done today but I couldn't seem to get the crackling to crash hot, feed was great but only got a portion of the rind made crackling..

Ham, Tomato, Bacon and Corn Quiche Review Posted on July 20, 2021

Very nice for my first ever quiche, I had to slightly change some things as I read the cooking cream wrong and only had 300ml, so I added about 200ml sour cream, I had visitors and forgot to fry off the bacon (no issue at all), I cooked in a 5.5 litre and could maybe have given it another 15/20 minutes I reckon as the centre was slightly doughy, but this was a quite a nice feed. This will be on the go another time absolutely..
another thumbs up from me..

Syrup, Sultana Banana Cake Review Posted on July 14, 2021

How good is this one..
Very nice indeed..
Haven't really dabbled in cakes apart from scrolls in the SC and decided to try this one I saw once on the Facebook group..
So nice, easy to make, I used my 3 litre SC and maybe could have cooked it a little less as some of the edge was hard and well cooked, I cooked on low for 3.15 mins, so maybe in 3 litre 2.45 give or take..
Taste was great and it will also be desert tonight with Ice cream, I will heat it for that in the microwave for about 45 seconds a piece to warm it up..
Great and easy cake, Recommend..

Honey Mustard Potatoes Review Posted on July 12, 2021

I Made this but used washed potatoes, I added carrots as well and quite a nice feed, it went well as a side with Nanny's braised steak.

Nanny’s Braised Steak Review Posted on July 12, 2021

We had this again tonight with a side of Caulie and honey mustard potatoes and carrots and it was great, I made a slight change instead of tomato sauce, I used smokey BBQ and the flavour was very good..

Pulled pork with gravy Review Posted on July 5, 2021

Lat nights dinner, very nice, pulled apart real well and I served on homemade bread rolls and the leftover is going to be lunch today..

Silverside in Foil – Nothing added Review Posted on July 4, 2021

For such a simple way of doing this silverside - The flavour was magnificent.
I had read on the facebook page slow cooker recipes for the family (SCC)about this way and decided to try it, so glad I did, the flavour just explodes and the meat is so tender..
Recommend this way for sure a rare mark from me of 10/10.

Slow Cooked Shepherd’s Pie/Cottage Pie Review Posted on July 4, 2021

I made this one and whilst it was quite nice, My opinion is that the celery overpowered it and could maybe use a little salt, other than that, everybody finished their plate but does need something else.. Experiment time on the next one, could maybe add Gravy for that extra flavour..

Classic Pea and Ham Soup Review Posted on June 28, 2021

This was one of mine done today, it took only 7 hours for me and taste is Ok..
I experimented with yellow peas in a smaller SC and instead of water, I used Beef stock, very nice flavour.
Green peas 8/10, yellow and beef stock 9+/10

Bacon Wrapped Chicken Parmi Loaf Review Posted on June 24, 2021

personally, not a parmi fan myself, however, the Missus loves parmies so i thought I would give this a Go...
Turned out better than I expected after reading some comments, I stuck to the recipe provided here and was quite happy, the only thing I did do was use the tea towel although it isn't mentioned here to do it..
I guess I made the right call as there was plenty of Juice in the bowl..
The flavours exploded in my mouth and I will certainly do this one again in the future..

Potato & Sweet Potato Bake Review Posted on June 20, 2021

Wow, this is definitely getting another go, I was quite surprised how nice this was, I used mushroom soup and it was delicious...

Silverside Review Posted on June 16, 2021

Great feed again, last time I never added the cloves, this time I did and it was delicious.. recommended for sure.

Sticky saucy spicy lovely legs Review Posted on June 15, 2021

Beautiful, I now wish I had cooked more a must for anybody that likes a bit of a kick without being overpowering..
I only cooked 6 Drumsticks and only 1 tbs of Garlic and it didn't detract from the meal..
Definitely on my to do list again...!

Silverside Review Posted on June 5, 2021

Very good indeed, everyone enjoyed the flavour and nothing left on plates.. Great meal, will have this one again for sure.

Curried Sausages Review Posted on June 1, 2021

What a great dish, easy as to assemble and cook, only change I made was I had no veg stock powder, so I used 2 beef stock cubes and certainly enjoyed the flavour... cheers once again for a delicious meal...

Hassleback Potatoes Review Posted on May 22, 2021

Daz again, We had this again tonight combined with Nanny's Braised Steak, both dishes complimented each other and were a delight to eat, thank you for the recipes.

Nanny’s Braised Steak Review Posted on May 22, 2021

So, I had this for the first time (Deffo not the last..) and what a ripper of a meal, I used Blade steak and upon eating, the meat pretty much melted in my Mouth, great meal and I had as a side dish, the Hassleback potatoes, great combination In my Opinion.
Definitely give this a try if you haven't, you won't be disappointed.

Fried Rice Review Posted on May 18, 2021

Wow.. so easy and a great dish either as a side or as a main IMO, would go with most meats etc... Cooked this today again for maybe the 8th time or so as Everyone loves it, and best of all being able to alter the flavour making everyone happy..

Hassleback Potatoes Review Posted on May 18, 2021

Thank You Pauline for posting this, I searched and couldn't find it again (Spelt it wrong hahaha..) Absolutely stunning and quite a basic side dish, it went well with my slow cooked Lemon Honey Drumsticks wrapped in Bacon (a variant to your recipe..), Yum, Deffo on the menu again thanks

Honey Balsamic Lamb Shanks Review Posted on January 20, 2021

Last nights dinner and not disappointed at all, Lovely meal and went down quite well.
Next time, I might see how it goes with golden syrup, that seems to be a pretty good substitute for honey that I found and adds a great flavour.
I am glad I found this website, some absolutely stunning meal ideas and instructions.
Don't take the 4 stars as an insult, a meal has to be pretty special to get top billing from me, this is up there with the best so far.

Honey Mustard Corned Beef Silverside – FROM SCRATCH! Review Posted on January 11, 2021

Ok, so This (similar) was tonights deal and was not disappointed at all.
Great Meal and the sauce was terrific, although much left over and going into a chicken meal over the next night or 2.
My change was I only had wholemeal seeded mustard so I doubled up on that and I did not have honey so I used golden syrup...
No issue at all, very much a meal to be happy with even with the changes.. not disappointed at all..!

Beef and Beer Pie Review Posted on January 11, 2021

As with my other review, I made the beer and Beef casserole and the leftovers I turned into 2 beer and Beef Pies... Great feed and happy with the meal
(**'sidenote' - I rarely give 5 star review on anything, so don't think my 4+ star is an insult to the meal... 5 Star has to really impress me)

Slow Cooked French Onion Lamb Shanks Review Posted on December 21, 2020

I decided to try this one tonight, only change I made was the Onion as my son isn't a fan of it (33 yrs old, yeh I know hahaha) so I substituted the onion with cherry tomatoes and wasn't disappointed, very nice if I say so myself... 5 stars for sure

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