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French Cream Chicken – 4 Ingredients! Review Posted on May 31, 2018

Oh My...... How delicious, my hubby has to watch his cholesterol, so I used creme fresh instead of cream, and because we love mushrooms I fried about half a punnet in coconut oil and added them in about half an hour from the end, and I used frozen spinach, added at the same time as the mushrooms. So quick for a SC meal, but delicious!

Lamb Shanks with Obsession sauce Review Posted on May 26, 2018

Totally delicious
We love mushrooms too and I sliced about half a punned into it - it was gorgeous!

Note to Laura, looking for an equivalent for UK, try looking for a South African shop, there are loads, you should find packet brown onion soup (same thing) there, or if there isn’t a SA shop near you, search online for “st marcus south african shop” - the brand will be either Royco or Maggie

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