Morphy Richards Sear and Stew Slow Cooker

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— Morphy Richards 6.5L Sear and Stew Slow Cooker —


If you are looking for a large searing slow cooker, the Morphy Richards Sear and Stew Slow Cooker may be just the one for you!

Recommended by Choice in March 2016, the Sear and Stew Slow Cooker has lots of great features.


It’s an impressive looking unit on your bench or in your collection with its brushed stainless steel finish making quite an impact.
It has the option of 3 cooking settings: Low, Medium and High
It features an oval shaped 6.5L capacity aluminium inner pot, with non stick coating that allows searing on stove top (see below for more details on searing feature)
It also features a toughened glass lid to view cooking in progress
The slow cooker has cool touch handles and non slip feet for added safety
The purchase includes a 2yr warranty for domestic use
The lid and inner cooking pot are also dishwasher safe which is great!


The best feature of this Morphy Richards Sear and Stew Slow Cooker is the searing feature.
One of the great benefits of slow cooking is convenience.  Many like to add ingredients, turn on and walk away and let dinner cook itself.
What then of the recipes that suggest pre browning/sealing of the meat prior to slow cooking?
Sure you can do that in a pan on the stove but that’s extra dishes and trouble.
Enter the searing slow cooker!
You lift out the inner cooking pot, put it directly on your (non induction) stove top and brown/seal right IN the slow cooker bowl.  Once done it’s as easy as lifting the inner bowl off the stove and moving it straight back into your slow cooker unit, ready to begin slow cooking.
No extra dishes and no losing those flavour packed morsels that are in the browning pan.  All that taste and flavour stays right in your slow cooker dish where you want it!


Naturally I wanted to give this slow cooker a try myself so I chose a recipe that required pre cooking to make the most of this searing option.
We trialled it by cooking ‘Smoky BBQ Chicken with Bacon


Whenever you use a slow cooker for the first time it’s important to read the manual.
The Morphy Richards Sear and Stew Slow Cooker manual includes great info on safety, handling, features, tips and trouble shooting.  As well as some recipes to get you started.
First step with any unit is always a good wash first of the lid and inner bowl that you will be cooking in.
The outside casing of the appliance should never be in contact with water!
A quick wash of the inner bowl and lid with warm soapy water and we were good to begin cooking.



Let’s Get Cooking!
For this recipe we needed to use the stove top searing pot to seal our chicken and bacon.  So easy to do with the Morphy Richards Sear and Stew Slow Cooker.  Straight in the pot and straight on the stove.
A dash of oil, added the chicken and bacon and seared until sealed (a great way to lock in the moisture for your slow cooked meats)


After this step we simply lifted the entire inner pot and lid off the stove and into the slow cooker.
Adding the other ingredients, giving it a stir and preparation was that easy!
All those great flavours kept right in our dish and no extra mess.



For this recipe we then placed the lid on, turned it to Low for 4hrs and dinner was sorted.
The Morphy Richards Sear and Stew Slow Cooker made the entire process easy and hassle free 🙂



Served with creamy mash and steamed green vegetables, our dinner was a hit!
And washing up was a breeze!  Easy to wipe out with nothing sticking to the pot.

Thanks Morhpy Richards – I’ll certainly be using this slow cooker a lot!

  • Stainless Steel Model #48705



The good folk at Morphy Richards have drawn the winner of our slow cooker giveaway ⭐️✨

The winner is ….. TRACY BROWN!!!!

(please note we have 5 group members of that name … The winning Tracy has an email waiting at the email address she supplied for the competition to let her know she is the winner)

CONGRATULATIONS Tracy ? … Morphy Richards will be sending your prize directly to you :))

Happy slow cooking in your amazing new Morphy Richards Sear & Stew Slow Cooker

Morphy Richards Sear and Stew Slow Cooker

And thanks to everyone who entered ?
We wish you could all be winners!






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  1. Gene Griffiths says:

    I am in the UK and use the Morphy Richards Seer & Stew, I have the smaller one 3.5 I think,
    It is the best Slow Cooker I have ever had especially being able to seer ingredients first. Love It.

    Highly Recommended

  2. Corrina Conlan says:

    I have this slow cooker and the convenience of the searing feature is fantastic. I love it!!!

  3. B Jeffery says:

    Searing meat first helps to keep the flavour locked in -great idea to to keep it all in the same pot – brilliant Morphy Richards

  4. Tracy Lyness says:

    I love my slow cooker I have a family of 7 but can’t afford a fancy cooker so would be wonderful to win one

  5. Rachel Johnson says:

    Living in the country they do not stock the better brands. Having one that sears would be fantastic and save time in my busy life.

  6. Bruce Wilkins says:

    Currently using a Breville Slow Cooker which has been a excellent cooker ,would love to win a new Slow Cooker as l have been looking to upgrade to a latest version

  7. Carolyn Clarke says:

    Would really love to win this Morphy Richards slow cooker.

  8. Ashley Ferney says:

    My slow cooker has recently broken and it’s used daily in my household ! Would love to win

  9. Kirsty ball says:

    I would love to win this slow cooker as I have a 10 month old and my partner works away I would.

  10. Maria Dodd says:

    Hi I’m from Australia I am currently looking for work and my little slow cooker does my family of 5 .
    A Murphy Richards would be AMAZEBALLS?

  11. We love to win it for my sister Paula Harrison, as hers has cracked on the inside thanks

  12. Hayley Hibbard says:

    I have never had a brand new slow cooker, this would be amazing to win. Got everything crossed, need something good to happen

  13. Yvonne So says:

    I am new to slow cooker, have absolutely no idea how it works , would love to win one to make soup for my family during this winter. Thanks.

  14. Stevie says:

    As a mother of 4 Under 7, time is very important to me. So to be able to save time (and cleaning), would be amazing!

  15. Tania Phelan says:

    U an I will both be happy when you pick me to win this awesome looking appliance ? it means I will be able to keep well nourished over winter as I’m learning to cook ☺

  16. Louise Cox says:

    My sc is on it’s last legs. Love to win a new one. Money tight, I’m a full time carer for my teenage son. Fingers crossed!

  17. Nicole Bredhauer says:

    Must be fate my slowcooker just died though I have had it for nearly 10 years so this would be simply too good to be true if I won this amazing prize & I promise to use it as faithfully as my old one
    RIP to the old & fingers crossed for this new baby ?

  18. Diana Jones says:

    My slow cooker is my best friend….best appliance in the kitchen….couldn’t live without it….would love to win another as mine is getting old…

  19. Fran dobson says:

    Nothing beats the aromas wafting through the house like dinner slowing cooking in a moray Richards slow cooker mmmmmmmmmmm

  20. Benita says:

    I live in remote Queensland and rely on cooking with my slow cooker with limited fresh ingredients available. I would appreciate a second slow cooker!!!!

  21. I’d love to repay my mother with some beautiful meals from this amazing machine for everything she has done for me shes an angel.

  22. Tracy Jones says:

    The Murphy Richards slow cooker
    stainless steel , good looker
    slow cooks, also sears
    envious would be my piers
    Im a winner
    cooking a succulent dinner.

  23. Sally Conroy says:

    I would love to win one of these- not for me but for my Mother-in-law.
    She was the one that first introduced me to slow-cooking and gave me my first slow cooker 22 years ago.
    Her original slow cooker is a burnt orange colour “Monier” brand purchased in 1976. It has had a work out over the years cooking beautiful family meals and overdue for retirement.
    She so deserves a new one after all these years!

  24. My son has Autism and a food phobia would love to add anouther slow cooker to the household to freeze more meals for him.

  25. Marie Donaldson says:

    I am disabled and have difficulty walking. A Morphy Richards which both sears and cooks would be a great help in my food preparation.

  26. Sandra Toal says:

    Need a new slow cooker as my bowl has cracked. Winning something free would be awesome. A hard decision to make hope it’s a eventful one

  27. Alicia Barnes says:

    I would love this slow cooker so I can keep cooking meals for my family and friends. Help out when I can. Always wanted one

  28. Sheryl Turner says:

    I am getting married soon and my fiance has 8 kids and i have 4 so a Morphy Richards 6.5L Sear and Stew slow cooker would be great to get them all feed!

  29. saasha says:

    Mum to 3 little people ? Work night shift..Please .Morphy Richards come cook for me

  30. Sarah Wilson says:

    A slow cooker that Sears too? Winning! With a toddler and a baby due in a week, this would make feeding time at the zoo a Breeze!

  31. Elizabeth nichols says:

    Looks awesome would love to win this

  32. Raeleene Organ says:

    The food should be prepared with love, cooked with care and devoured by hungry hungry boys who have had to smell the rich tasty meals cooking for hours… In my house of boys/men the slow cooker meals can fill and satisfy the most beastly of all them all! It’s time to update, the small cooker I have is shrinking as my family is growing! To win a Morphy would help to fill the tummys and keep them smiling for sure….

  33. Gail Rowley says:

    It would be an wonderful to win this quality slow cooker enabling me to cook some of the wonderful recipes on the slow cooker site.

  34. Karsha says:

    Ooo i would love this slowcooker 🙂

  35. Wendy McAteer says:

    I have taken in my niece and nephew so I now have a house full of 9 people it walks be amazing to have a new slow cooker as mine had a broken switch and isn’t working for me. It would be greatly appreciated right now

  36. Renee Ehrenberg says:

    Afternoon and evenings are so busy for our family with dropping our teenage children at work and extra curricular activities , a beautiful new slow cooker would certainly make dinner time easier for me and my family.

  37. Amy Lords says:

    I care for my husband who suffers mental illness and physical disabilities. I am also a part time student, I do not have much money, energy or time but I do love preparing and eating healthy meals. This new slow cooker would be a life saver! ❤

  38. Tracy Mackie says:

    I love slow cooked meals because in this crazy hectic life we can have at least one thing simplified- our meals and they are so delish ❤️

  39. Karly Yerra says:

    With winter fast approaching a Morphy Richards would sure warm up my home 😉

  40. Venessa Caruana says:

    Suffering with chronic illness, slow cooker gives me the oppurtinity to rest while it does the cooking. Healthy food always ready regardless of my health.

  41. Tiana Fletcher says:

    I have moved recently. I don’t know where SC was left 🙁 I’ve had to do my SC on the stove. This would be great!.

  42. Jeanette Gegg says:

    My Slow cooker died this week after 20yrs, it needs replacing pls help

  43. Anita says:

    My slow cooker fell during an epic game of hide and seek with my four under five! I long for delicious meals with ease again.

  44. rhiannon may says:

    As a busy mother of 3 and a hubby who is often away this would be amazing. With winter coming being able to slow cook and fill my house with the homely, comforting aroma’s of a stew or winter chicken soup would be a wonderful “welcome home” and being saving me time aswell 🙂

  45. Tracey Beals says:

    yes please we turn ours on with a can opener! time for a new one!

  46. Debbie Schoch says:

    A slow cooker would be the perfect option for me as I am useless in the kitchen . If I can throw it all in together and with the push of a button , wallah all done at the end of the day is my kind of cooking .

  47. Margo Wright says:

    Would appreciate and love to win this. Ours broke and we are moving out so need a new one for when family visit for dinners!

  48. Carol says:

    ❤️?? PiCK Me!!!! Morphs Richards Sear & Stew slow cooker?!?!?! ? That’s unbelievable, to have 1 is to love 1. I would desperately ? Love ❤️? To own one. Ppppplllllleeeraaaassseee ? So o can cook ???? & so many other things?

  49. Marie says:

    It’s been a while since I slow cooked. Owing to mine having been broken! Haven’t bought anything Morphy Richards this could be my first piece.

  50. Danielle Quick says:

    A mum of 3 a slow cooker would make my life so much easier. Free up some more play time 🙂

  51. Terry McCloy says:

    Slow cooking heaven. The searing option is just brilliant. This cooker certainly belongs in my kitchen, can hardly wait to use it.

  52. Anne Vassallo says:

    Would be good to have a SC as my just stopped working and I use it all the time for the last year so got some good meals out of mine and lost with out one.

  53. karen mcnamara says:

    M = Mouthwatering
    O = Outstanding
    R = Rich
    P = Pleasing
    H = Home Cooking
    Y = Yummy

    Slow Cooker Heaven

  54. kelsey short says:

    good luck everyone. new additions to the family are always welcome

  55. Helen Hirst says:

    I’m new to Slow cooking, and loving it. I’d love to win this one, so l can use my smaller one for desserts.

  56. karla says:

    I would love to win a slow-cooker as my one broke & would be fantastic because i can just let my cooking cook for as long & not worry going back & forth especially with a baby. 🙂

  57. Christine Hensley says:

    I’m just a stay-at-home Mum but my slow cooker makes me feel like a head chef and would love a cooker to match that feeling.

  58. Carla Manwarring says:

    This would be a wonderful addition to my kitchen being a single mum With 2 young boys on the go ,one with behavioral & learning problems I’m very time poor and consumed by my sons needs ……. This slow cooker is a ripper ?

  59. I’m new to slow cooking but me and my family are in love with this so easy to do and prepare meals just a good idea really as you can relax and wait for tea to cook love this page thanks so much

  60. Robyn Cutler says:

    Would love to win this very stylish looking slow cooker as mine is just a cheapy looking one and doesn’t cook the best

  61. Donna Bennett says:

    This slow cooker would be a delight,
    perfectly cooked meals every night.
    Tender, delicious amazing stews,
    so inviting to come home too!

  62. corrina mason says:

    I’m a single mum and this would reduce the hours spent in the kitchen everyday so I can do more with my son.

  63. Stephanie says:

    I would love to win a slow cooker i recently come a mum to my 3rd baby boy in april, would make dinner and meals so much easier and nicer =)

  64. Niki Carmichael says:

    I’d love to win something, …. Why not a slow cooker. Love using recipes from your book. Looking forward to second book.

  65. The good folk at Morphy Richards have drawn the winner of our slow cooker giveaway ⭐️✨

    The winner is ….. TRACY BROWN!!!!

    (please note we have 5 group members of that name … The winning Tracy has an email waiting at the email address she supplied for the competition to let her know she is the winner)

    CONGRATULATIONS Tracy ? … Morphy Richards will be sending your prize directly to you :))

    Happy slow cooking in your amazing new Morphy Richards Sear & Stew Slow Cooker

    And thanks to everyone who entered ?
    We wish you could all be winners!


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