Win a McCormick Food Australia PRIZE PACK!

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Slow Cooker Central and McCormick Foods Australia are giving you the chance to win a fantastic slow cooking prize pack!!

And it’s so easy to win 🙂

What’s even more exciting is that we have not one, but TWO of these great prize packs to give away!

Each prize pack contains:

– 1 sample pack of 6 McCormick Foods Australia Slow Cooking recipe bases in an array of delicious flavours
– 1 Sunbeam 5.5L Slow Cooker (model number HP5520)

Total prize pack value $70 each

To be eligible to win you must:

– Comment below in 25 words or less why YOU would like to win
– Like the McCormick Foods Australia Facebook page
– Be an Australian Resident

Be sure to do all 3 to go in our draw!
Competition Dates:

Competition open from Monday 15 April 2019 to midnight Monday 29th April 2019 AEST

Winners will be notified on this blog, and on a post in our Facebook Group prior to Friday 3rd May 2019 .
Prizes will be dispatched direct from McCormick Foods Australia

It’s that easy to win 🙂

Note:  Entry comments won’t show right away as all comments need to be approved first, so don’t panic if your answer doesn’t show immediately, it will later 🙂

Happy slow cooking everyone xx



  1. Danielle James says:

    My old Sunbeam slow cooker is used all year round. Winter is coming and I’d love to upgrade and try some new recipes

  2. Rebecca says:

    I’m just home from hospital with my first little baby who had to arrive early, this would make my life so much easier! 🙏🏽

  3. Tracy Miles says:

    I love to batch cook for the coming winter months. Hubby is off with a shoulder injury, 6 months recovery so is home to cook!

  4. Michelle Pike says:

    I would love to win so I can give it to my daughter who has just moved out of home on her own.

  5. i would love to win this pack as my slow cooker died amd would love a new one i would love to try some new recipes

  6. Sherralyn Jones says:

    Winter is coming. How I love cooking slow cooker meals during this season. Time to try the McCormick slow cooker meals.

  7. Karen morris says:

    Because i absolutely love this brand of meals and with a large family i have to be creative and i love slow cooking as i am very time poor so i like to get things started early so my children always have a wholesome meal at the end of the day i could do with 2 slowcookers as one doesnt seem enough.

  8. Patricia Carter says:

    Gave my 6lt one to my daughter. Really wish I hadn’t . Only have 1.5lt and a 3.5lt. Need a bigger one!

  9. Kara bruce says:

    Hubby broke my slow cooker and we can’t replace it right now. I miss my slow cooker and neeeeed to cook 👩🏼‍🍳

  10. Would love to try the slow cooker McCormic range and I would also love to use a brand new Sunbeam slow cooker as well

  11. Katrina Rosicka says:

    Would love to win so I can share my love of slow cooking with my step son. I constantly recommend McCormicks to all my friends.

  12. As a full-time teacher and mum, I’d love this pack to help me spend more time with my family!

  13. Christine pepe says:

    Would love to win because slow cooking is awesome

  14. Georgia N says:

    Because I need a big slow cooker now we are a family of 3 and my son is eating the same meals as us 😍

  15. Tony Zerafa says:

    I love McCormick recipe bases and I am a slow cooker tragic! My family love nothing more than a tasty, hearty slow cooked McCormicks meal.

  16. I’d like to win to try the mccormicks base packs, as I’ve never used one! and I’d like to donate the SC to my mum!

  17. Joanne Peterson says:

    This would be an amazing addition to my kitchen and i love cooking with McCormick food bases. They make meals so yummy.

  18. Lynice Cousins says:

    I would love to win this amazing prize so I can continue to cook yummy meals for my family please!

  19. Rhonda Payne says:

    Returning to study as a mature age student, l would love to win this so l could give my family yummy meals , that cook themselves

  20. Lorraine Barber says:

    Would love to win the 3.5 SC as we live in Caravan so space is limited. Been just hubby and I size would be perfect. 😍

  21. Nicole Carroll says:

    i would love to win. i love my slow cooker and having another would be awesome and with the McCormick mixes i get to try new recipes win wim

  22. Doreen Read says:

    I would love to win this great prize pack, thank you Sunbeam, McCormick and Slow Cooker Central. Oh the meals i could make.

  23. Amanda Bishop says:

    My slow cookers on the way out, and being a broke student, I can’t afford to replace it right now.

  24. This McCormick prize pack would give me a break and practice sustainability too – no food wastage , it’s so delicious the family would devour it all

  25. Caroline Humphries says:

    My cooker died – just before the cooler months! My family love McCormick flavours so this would be an amazing prize just at the right time.

  26. Loree Preston says:

    Winter in coming and want to fill the house with the inviting aroma of my cooking. Warm up and enjoy a hot hearty meal

  27. Tonia Evans says:

    I love using McCormick slow cooker bases, and I desperately need a 2nd slow cooker to keep up with the demand of a hungry family!

  28. Tonia Evans says:

    I love using McCormick slow cooker bases and I am in desperate need of a 2nd slow cooker to keep up with the demands of a hungry family!

  29. My son said it would be nice to have a real slow cooker and try new flavours. We struggle to buy nice things. Please consider.

  30. Courtney Sales says:

    I don’t have a slow cooker and I am really wanting to make delicious slow cooker meals over winter.

  31. My current slow cooker has a crack along the corners and being a mum to two young children slow cooking meals makes my life that much easier not having to worry about dinner being cooked

  32. Amanda Goodwin says:

    I need a bigger slow cooker. I haven’t been able to use mine much as it’s not big enough for my family of 6. Especially with a hubby and 3 growing constantly eating boys.

  33. Samantha Williams says:

    My adult children are moving out and would love to win this so i can give it to one of them, I love my slow cooker and they love the meals also.

  34. Sharon Price says:

    I would love to win this as i am having surgery soon and having food prepared would be awesome

  35. Roses are red
    Poems are hard
    Sunbeam Slow cooking usin McCormicks
    Brings all the kids to the yard!! 😂😉

  36. Melanie says:

    I would love a new slow cooker. Family of 5 is hard to do in 3ltr .
    McCormick bases are awesome. Love to try new ones.

  37. Bel says:

    Single mumma with a one year old this would make my winter cooking and life way more enjoyable. TIA

  38. Nadine Gray says:

    My slow cooker just died so this would be perfect my whole family love the McCormick slow cooker meals.

  39. Terrii says:

    Our family has expanded by 2 and still with only 1 income, I would love to run a new and old Slow Cooker to help ease the meal congestion

  40. Adele says:

    I would love to win this, my slow cooker has died and i would love a new one before. Winter

  41. Dale Cafe says:

    I love McCormicks slow cooker aids already and would love an oval cooker as I have a round one and large items don’t fit.

  42. Emma Halafihi says:

    My slow cooker is used almost daily with 3 boys under 6 soon to be 4 I don’t think I would manage without it but could definitely use another to have 2 on the go at once! 😍

  43. Renee says:

    Wishing we

    One more
    Easy does it
    Recipe maker!

  44. Sarah says:

    Always looking for inspiration! Plus one 6.5l cooker just isnt emough!

  45. Michelle Campbell says:

    I would love to win this prize as my husband is undergoing chemotherapy and I cant cook and be with him at the same time.

  46. Zuleika Culliver says:

    We’ve been using our multi Cooker SC lots. Would LOVE to be able to branch out with a dedicated SC!

  47. Christina Vogt says:

    Would love to help out a struggling farming family with a regifted winning slow cooker and those delicious McCormick bases. Great work Slowcookercentral.

  48. Michelle Abbott says:

    For the fussy eaters in my house having 2 slow cookers would make my life so much easier.

  49. Claire Murphy says:

    One can simply never have too many SUNBEAM slow cookers to cook up a storm with MCCORMICKS FOODS AUSTRALIA Slow Cooking Recipie Bases

  50. Robyn says:

    Slow cooking is:
    Less work
    Work friendly
    Outright delicious
    Original recipes
    Kid friendly
    Really tasty
    Spare time for family!

  51. Jodi Treasure says:

    My slow cooker is always getting used and is very well loved 😚McCormack slow cooker meal bases are the bomb very tasty for a family… 😋

  52. Claire Winterburn says:

    I would love to win as my slow cooker blew up and I desperately need another as I really rely on it because I work full time , am a single mother and spend so
    Much time running around after my daughter.

  53. Jennifer Williams says:

    I love the McCormick bases for my slow cooker. I have just taken out some lovely skirt steak to make a stew for tomorrow and will be using one of the bases I have.

  54. My 6.5 litre cooker is getting to the end of its life, this would be a fantastic replacement.

  55. Lyn Collins says:

    Love to win it’s coming on winter be a plus to win & get to use McCormick foods thanks

  56. Chelsey Baldwin says:

    Would love to win, my slow cooker is on its last legs, Winter is coming and delicious slow cooked meals with it!!

  57. Amy says:

    I’d love to win this awesome prize package. My growing children are beginning to eat more and more and my 3.5L just isn’t cutting it anymore 😊

  58. Donna Forster says:

    Would love to win as my poor old sc recently died, I think from over uses. Lol.

  59. Angela nash says:

    I only use McCormick bases as I think they are the best on the market

  60. I love using my slower cooker, and trying out new things to cook in it and the kids loves when I cook something in the slower cooker and winter is around the conner

  61. Paulette Boulous says:

    I’d love to win as my old slow cooker isn’t a Sunbeam and isn’t working. I know Sunbeam are the best. I love the McCromicks recipe bases and would really love to feed my family the best food thanks to McCormicks and Sunbeam 😋

  62. Carolyn tilley says:

    living in limbo for the past 6 weeks to see if my husband loses his job or manages to keep it, I could really do with a new slow cooker since my old one lost his long life.

  63. Sandra Keating says:

    Newly single & struggling to cook just for myself. This way I can cook & freeze meals to have after a long day at work.

  64. Janet Hoskin says:

    There is nothing better after a full day of sport and having dinner already cooked and ready to dish up.

  65. Ann Noonan says:

    I’ve never been a very good cook now I can whip up really tasty meals that are so easy to prepare

  66. I only have 1 small round slow cooker and a big family of up to 7 on some nights to feed. A big oval cooker would be amazing .

  67. Leigh Warner says:

    I have a family of seven and would love to win so I can slow cook like a pro and make meals in advance.

  68. Lynette Davis says:

    Would love to win as I love the McCormick brand meals and the Sunbeam slow cooker, plus my daughter turns 18 soon.

  69. Kris says:

    I would love a reliable bigger slow cooker for my pea and ham soup. I use it almost daily during the colder seasons #winteriscoming

  70. Megan says:

    I’d love to win I cook for my mum and sisters all the time and I have a really old slow cooker so this would be amazing I use my slow cooker a lot.

  71. Nolie Petersen says:

    I would absolutely love to try out the new slow cooker range from McCormicks and winning a new slow cooker would be an added bonus!

  72. Jodie Currie says:

    I would love to win this prize for my 15yr old son who loves experimenting in the kitchen always looking for new recipes and methods.

  73. Karen power says:

    I have never owned a slow cooker sometimes I borrow my mums and promise myself I will buy one, maybe this year

  74. Working full time I feel less guilty knowing I can still feed my family a great meal with no stress, walking in from walk to the aroma of a home cooked meal

  75. Jess says:

    I am two weeks off having baby number 2 (with a 2 year old already on the scene), so I need to get dinner on the table in the easiest possible way. This solves all my problems!

  76. Monika says:

    I have husband (who can’t cook) and 2 kids what needs feeding…. and I’m working everyday 8-6pm. Slow cooker would be ideal for my family ❤️🙏👌

  77. Sandra Stocker says:

    With a young family and an old outdated slow cooker I could use a new one coming into winter!

  78. Fiona May says:

    I love to use my slow cooker every week, after making pulled pork on the weekend mine has now died. It had a long life but now i won’t be able to slow cook.

  79. Because I am at my wits end trying to feed a fussy teenager and think of new ideas for everyone to try!

  80. Caryn Rowles says:

    My first ever slow cooker meal was the mccormicks lamb shanks. It is still my go to meal.
    Would love to try some others.

  81. Melissa Clare says:

    I would love to gift this to my mum for mothers day. Then she can get her slow cooking on

  82. I recently had to it a slow cooker to rest after it was knocked off the bench by an excited puppy whose dinner I was cooking. I need a new one for bulk soup cooking especially with winter coming. Please

  83. Priscilla Luttger says:

    I’d love to win this, as it’d be an ideal present for my mother for mother’s day.

  84. Anjuli Lansley says:

    4 children, extra activities and the fact that soon I’ll be working two jobs!!!!

  85. Ellen Dickie says:

    As a mum that works fulltime I need quick easy healthy dinners for our family. A slowcooker would make this easier.

  86. ANNE CAPRACKAS says:

    To WIN. would be an answer to my prayer. My baby cooker misses her MUMMY cooker so much.

  87. Caitlin Odonoughue says:

    Id love to win a new slow cooker so i can cook up bulk meals for my parents who are having difficulties cooking at the moment. With my busy days, popping the cooker on and being able to walk away would make thinhs so much easier

  88. Stacey Yarnold says:

    I would like a sunbeam SC as recently separated and work almost full time. Needed to organise my life please.

  89. kellie-ann Clack says:

    I would love to win this as a present for my mum, hers stopped working yesterday.

  90. Kassandra Howes says:

    I would love to win and gift this to my sister – I love my Sunbeam slow cooker! McCormicks are the best meal bases.

  91. Steph says:

    My time’s limited with sports and a busy work schedule. Having a new slow cooker would give me more time with family and less clean up in the kitchen.

  92. Rachelle says:

    A new slow cooker would allow us to cook larger delicious meals for our 5 very hungry growing boys without needing to spend the time standing in the kitchen,

  93. Kerry Edwards says:

    I live on my own and sick of eating the same old meals Looking for new exciting ideas for meals

  94. Jan Rankin says:

    My Sunbeam cooker I have had for 28 years is starting to look a little sad a new one on standby would make me glad

  95. Tracy lowings says:

    I’d like to win as I’m a long time follower on your page but don’t use my sc as much as I’d like to.

  96. Faye cox says:

    Inspiration ,,, needing a new slower cooker ,plus to teach the kids cooking is that easy

  97. Lisa Zanussi says:

    With 6 people in the house to feed, my old faithful 3lt Sunbeam slow cooker just isn’t quite cutting it anymore!

  98. Nicole Sims says:

    I love food, I’ve grown up with McCormicks, I love using my slow cooker but need a new one, I’m out of work and every cent counts .

  99. Nicole Sims says:

    I’ve grown up with McCormicks, I love using my slow cooker but need a new one, I’m out of work and every cent counts .

  100. Kirsty Prosser says:

    To give more variety of healthier dinners for my family instead of take away all the time. Might even save some money 😊

  101. Sandi says:

    Would love to win this slow cooker as its time for an upgrade. I have a cheap $20 slow cooker. It’s been good to me but is starting to cook a little crispy around the edges. Thanks heaps for the opportunity 😊

  102. Amber D says:

    I’m still using a slow cooker I got from a garage sale for $8 would love an upgrade for winter!

  103. Edward says:

    i need inspiration to motivate myself to cook rather than existing on takeaways.

  104. Josie Finch says:

    My husband, daughter and I are about to get our first place together and this would be a fantastic addition to begin our new adventures

  105. Elizabeth Logan says:

    So I can make awesome meals for my family, with mobility issues, the slow cooker would be an advantage.

  106. River Baera says:

    Winter spring summer or fall
    I love slow cooking through it all
    It’s easy and fun
    Before you know it, your meals are done.

  107. Ceilidh Dill says:

    I’m expecting baby number 2 in June and a new slow cooker would make the early days so much easier!

  108. Danika Sandling says:

    my slow cooker broke and now my 2 year old won’t eat. This would be an amazing gift for us. Thank you for the opportunity.

  109. Rebecca Pickles says:

    Nothing beats a home cooked meal, except one which easy and convenient for the cook too! A slow cooker and recipe bases ticks the boxes!!!

  110. Emma says:

    My sc has a crack in the ceramic bowl. I keep chancing it, but the day will come soon that it cracks right through. I’d love a new one!

  111. Marion Francis says:

    My slow cooker is old and too small.
    I dont want to visit the mall.
    Need the recipe bases so family can stuff their faces.

  112. heather says:

    I would love better bigger slow cooker to allow bigger better meals for my 3 kids.

  113. Andrea Duval says:

    Would love to win this – thanks Slow Cooker Central and McCormick’s for the opportunity.

  114. Jan Rhoades says:

    A fabulous combination, McCormicks products and a new slow cooker just in time for cooking up a winter storm of delicious, warming goodies.

  115. Pam Stanworth says:

    Winner winner slow cooked chicken dinner !
    Would love to try the bases as usually make things from scratch and my slow cooker just died 😥

  116. Suzie Matherson says:

    This would be fantastic – Thanks.

  117. Tanya says:

    After having one of these for many years I cried when mine broke and haven’t been able to find one as good since.

  118. Suzie Matherson says:

    Yes please -would be great – thanks.

  119. Leanne Lee says:

    Being a working full time mum of two kids, I need as many shortcuts to get dinner on the table each night!

  120. Denise Renner says:

    I would love to win this prize as my previous slow cooker inner bowl broke. Wanting to get started with winter foods again and try the fabulous flavors in the Mc Cormick Foods packets.

  121. Catherine Sean says:

    I would love to win this to make amazing meals for my family, and the freezer!!

  122. Tammy says:

    With a family of 6 and one away for speedway once to twice a month I’m always after fill easy meals and I love to try different foods I hate plain Jane always the same

  123. Kirsty says:

    I’d love to win this as a family of 4 and winter coming this would be amazing to be able to cook delicious meals for my 2 young children.

  124. Thelma Steele says:

    I’d like to win because Slow Cooking with McCormicks and slow cooker central is THE BEST.

  125. Bev says:

    I’m Aussie through and through. A new slow cooker to go with my new number 5 book.

  126. Love cooking in my slow cooker, after hubby blowing up the stove, I had not choice and now I love it.

  127. Jo Comley says:

    I am a very lucky woman, I have a hubby who owns 8 SC’s so he does all the slow cooking in our family. But it’d be nice to have a SC to call my own! 😃

  128. Colleen vesetas says:

    I was in an accident and my slow cooker is broken thanks to hubby. My kids needs one so they can cook for me

  129. Christy van Heerden says:

    These packs, to me, look like kitchen chain breakers, and ‘me’ time sanity givers!

  130. Gillian Taylor says:

    I would love to win because anything I win gives be a buzz .winner winner slow cooker dinner. ThAnks

  131. katrengardner says:

    I would love to win this Sunbeam Slow Cooker with the added bonus of the McCormick sauces. My daughter just had her second baby last week and it would be wonderful to gift it to her as hers is too small for her family.

  132. Dominique Shreeve says:

    Would love to win a slow cooker for the winter months ahead. Saves so much time 😊

  133. Nicole Ellis says:

    I’d like a second slow cooker to cook a dessert along with my main meal. I’ve got a couple of very hungry teenagers! 🙂

  134. Fiona Jackson says:

    I would love a new slow cooker, mine is getting very old now and I’d hate to be without one.

  135. Lauren says:

    I’d have peace of mind knowing there was a home cooked meal waiting for us all at the end of the day xx

  136. Tricia Patsalou says:

    Because slow cooker food is love, food is life!

  137. Brigitte Taylor says:

    Slow cookers are the best for ease of delicious one pot wonders. You too could be a MKR expert delivering mouthwatering magic to your family.

  138. Di Munro says:

    Would love love another slow cooker. Mine is great for big meals but a smaller one would be fantastic

  139. Winona says:

    My ex took my slow cooker and I want to use it again now I am just cooking for myself and my neighbor but can’t afford a new one

  140. Jacqui Thompson says:

    Would love to be able to cook a main meal and a dessert at the same time. It’s impossible with just one slow cooker!

  141. Hayley Powell says:

    Because 1 slow cooker is definitely not enough…especially with winter approaching and having 3 kids!

  142. Caitlin Hughes says:

    I’m moving out of my family home soon for the very first time and this would be an amazing new addition to get me and my partner started!

  143. Tracey Kellock says:

    I have 2 children with autism, I’d love a slowcooker so that I can prep meals before work and also freeze the leftovers for another meal.

  144. McCormicks sachets would be a great gift and in a new slow cooker would give me a lift.

  145. Arthur Gane says:

    My slow cooker is too hot so I really need a quality replacement and McCormack bases are brilliant.

  146. Vicki says:

    I’d love to win the large slow cooker as my largest is a 4.5lt and it’s always too full plus it’s old and is slowing.

  147. McCormicks sachets would be a great gift and in a new slow cooker would give me a lift.

  148. It would be brilliant. I already have 1, and it works overtime, as I cook for friends as well as family.

  149. Rae reid says:

    Would absolutly love to win this have just been looking to buy one so winning would be awesome..loving all the recipies /hintsTips on this site and the people are friendly and helpful 👍😀

  150. Amarlee Wheare says:

    I recently lost my favourite SlowCooker and would love a new and improved one pretty please🙏🏻

  151. Leisel Cotterill says:

    So lucky I would be if I won a new Sunbeam slow cooker and team it with McCormicks bases every meal would be a winner.

  152. Hope Harding says:

    I can see if I won this great prize, dinner would get a lot easier in my household with 3 fussy eaters under 6. 🤞

  153. Kath Wright says:

    Would love this as my 3.5L is dying, fine cracks are appearing :’-(
    Been a McCormick fan for a very long time!

  154. Michelle MacDonald says:

    Yes please! My slow cooker is a big one – so a smaller one would be amazing. And the meals are great!

  155. Leanne says:

    Love my slow cooker now with all new recipies and McCormicks packs will be slow cooking daily. Will need two going dinner and desert

  156. dawn kendall says:

    id like to win so I ca share my recipes with my family and friends cook for everyone

  157. Sonia Kalack says:

    Would love to try new recipes with McCormicks range! And to upgrade my old slow cooker would be a bonus as well!

  158. Judy Edwards says:

    Slow cookers and winter are a match made in heaven, add in a packet of McCormack sauce mix and you can’t go wrong.

  159. Judy Edwards says:

    With winter approaching McCormack sauce packs and slow cookers are the perfect match for easy meals. Bring on winter!

  160. Erin Dowling says:

    I’m not a confident cook so anything to help me create something with flavour would be great.

  161. Kellie Green says:

    My slow cooker broke and I miss it dearly, it’s what kept me eating well after long work days.

  162. Sue says:

    I would love to win ,and experience all the recipes that are available on your website and try the McCormick meals

  163. Kelly Clark says:

    She’s a looker
    That slowcooker
    But, you know what would be fine
    If she were mine.
    One of my own, so divine.

  164. Tammy Noble says:

    I’d love to win because Slow Cookers are LIFE!!

  165. Bernice says:

    Cooking with a second slow cooker would help with my meal preparation as I suffer a lot of pain. Can’t wait to taste these delicious recipe bases.

  166. Kym Hunter says:

    I’d like to try the new recipe bases

  167. I would love to win this package for my lovely daughter kelly. She has 7 children and has one slow cooker an extra cooker would be appreciated.

  168. I am staring remote working and this beauty will travel with me and keep me on track with healthy eating.

  169. Natsuko Locke says:

    Perfect slow cook season is coming but I don’t have too many recipes on my hand. Lovely to try new recipes to satisfy my family.

  170. Natalie Ashworth says:

    Would love a new Slow Cooker and to get some sachets as well – double bonus.

  171. Jessica Keenan says:

    The McCormick’s recipe bases are my favourite recipe bases, quick and easy. The 5.5L slow cooker would be perfect for our family of 4.

  172. Olivia Johns says:

    I’m on my third slow cooker because I use them to death, this current one is on its last legs & cooking high it’s actually cooking on low & low cooks on super low.

  173. Carmel Bladen says:

    My family has grown from 3 to 5 with family moving in. We’re gonna need a bigger slow cooker.

  174. Kimberley griffiths-frith says:

    I love slow cooking it makes thing so much easier in a house with 3 young children. They love it.

  175. Gaileen Doyle says:

    McCormick and slow cooker – a match made in heaven . Simple and delicious, you just can’t go wrong

  176. Monique Salzmann says:

    It would be simply heaven not only to replace my ancient slow cooker that the insert is deteriorating, but to try all these exciting McCormick recipe bases… my family would be in food heaven 😀 Thank you! Monique

  177. Theresa Madson says:

    My daughter is flying the nest and I’d love for her to have a slow cooker so she actually eats well!

  178. Angela M says:

    winter + new slow cooker + amazing McCormick meal bases = amazing meals and new reputation as super star cook! Would love this to be me!

  179. Leanne Hodges says:

    My 3L slow cooker is starting to feel a bit small as my two boys are getting older

  180. HAZEL SALTIS says:

    I have 3 teeanage boys who have hollow stomach! I just need help!!

  181. Angela Mcgahan says:

    if I was lucky enough to win this amazing prize it would help me make some of Pauline’s amazing slow cooker meals. Good luck everyone.

  182. Sharon says:

    Convenient and effortless meals, sweets and snacks. Limited only by your imagination. I cannot function without a Slow Cooker in my life. It’s that simple.

  183. Leah Bennier says:

    I’d love to win because I love McCormick and I love slow cooking! Cooking dinner for my family has never been easier or satisfyingly delisious!

  184. Davina-Lee Johnson says:

    With so few hours in the day, winning this slow cooker will take my pain away

  185. Vicki McDonald says:

    My slow cooker is old and well used and I would love to win a new one

  186. Slow cooking is my stake to fame while McCormick bases improve my game.
    Slow cooked meals are delish, plates licked clean is my every wish. 💕🤞🏼🍀

  187. Jessica kerr says:

    3 kids 4 including hubby slowcooker best way to organise dinner without the stress

  188. Dianne Ingram says:

    I would love to win the new slow cooker please and the Mccormicks range

  189. Sharlene Adams says:

    My Dad has recently been diagnosed with COPD. I’d love to get my Mum into slow cooking to make their life a little easier.

  190. Anthea Le Man says:

    I would love a new slow cooker and also love to try some of McCormacks new recipe bases.

  191. Lisa Mitchell says:

    Football season approaches again and as team manager it will make my life easier! Dinner slow cooker style ready makes my life so easy and hubby doesn’t have to do a thing 😉

  192. Alana Crawford says:

    It would be great to try so many different recipes and with 4 kids under 5 convenience is a must so a new slow cooker will make things so easy for dinner time

  193. Emma says:

    I love everything about slow cooking – I love sunbeam and the McCormick sachets -so this would be the perfect prize to win 🤞

  194. Hayley says:

    Hi, my name’s Hayley
    I used to use my slow cooker at lot untill I worked out that it didnt heat properly and food would cook a lot faster than the the recipes said, and have me and my family have recently opened a detailing business and work almost every day of the week and I’m a Uni student to and would love to be able to get back into slow cooker for long days on work and long days of studying but cannot afford to buy one at this time
    This would be an awesome asset

  195. S. Darby says:

    Would love to win and upgrade my current cooker, I smashed the lid years ago, so just use foil. Please and thank you!

  196. maree willett says:

    McCormick bases are fantastic, you add, extra as you want, perfect match for one another , new slow cooker, bonus McCormick pack. winter coming up

  197. Katrina zwarts says:

    I need a slow cooker, my bowl is currently in about 1000 pieces

  198. Michelle Colmer says:

    Only cooking the same beef casserole and need to branch out! A new cooker a better size would be welcomed by everyone.

  199. Melissa Van Reenen says:

    Being a single mum of 3 I rely heavily on slow cookers they are such an excellent idea and make cooking so much easier

  200. Ashlea says:

    if absolutely love to win, I’d actually give it to my elderly aunty, she loves when I send her photos of what I’m making , be awesome if She has her own to try out all the amazing recipes

  201. Michelle Puckridge says:

    It’s almost winter and time to pull out the slow cooker for the comfort warming dinners.

  202. Kirsty Quigg says:

    Baby #1 due end of June, this is what we need to stock up on freezer meals to get us through those first weeks

  203. Vicki Hardcastle says:

    Would love a new slow cooker, was looking at reviews this week as mine is about to die. Mine is over 30 years old

  204. caterina dei says:

    Working lots of nightshifts a slow cooker would be my saviour. These delicious Mccormick meal bases would spices up out meal and add variety.

  205. caterina dei says:

    working lots of nightshifts a slow cooker would be my saviour. These delicious Mccormick meal bases would spice up our meals and add variety.

  206. Gabrielle green says:

    My slow cooker is old and in need of a upgrade as my family of 6 love slow cooked meals

  207. Rita Vella says:

    my son is moving into his new home soon, with a new baby this would help get meals done while looking after Bub…

  208. Because one can never have too many slow cookers 😂

  209. Jeanette Stewart says:

    I understand that this magical machine will transform my cooking into gastronomical delights that would entice my teenage son, turn him into a fan.

  210. Kelly Fisher says:

    My old big slow cooker died. Coming into winter this would be a godsend to win. What amazing flavours to try.

  211. Karen O’Connor says:

    I’d love to win this and gift it to my Mum for Mother’s Day. A perfect accompaniment to the newest SCC book!

  212. Kerri jones says:

    As a carer to a fussy grumpy 51yr old with ms this prize would make my life so much easier.

  213. Gillian says:

    every post of the slow cooker dishes by mc McCormick look smick as and my normal cooking looks dicky as , I am in need of help

  214. Kylie Howard says:

    Love to win this for my sister-in-law, to try these amazing sounding dishes and teach her the slow cooking is the only way

  215. Tara P says:

    What an amazing prize to win! Who doesn’t need a new slow cooker and to test the new range from McCormick’s would be awesome !! Please!!

  216. Barry Bell says:

    I would like a new slow cooker that doesn’t wobble as my old one lost it’s little leg a while back.

  217. Samantha Cooper says:

    I would love to win this because I have my mum’s slow cooker and would love one for my birthday 🎁

  218. Shannon Ruddock says:

    Beause being a Mum is hard …. and this would make dinner time easier!

  219. Lucinda Castaing says:

    With a toddler and a newborn and a hubby who works overseas for months at a time having this setup would be incredible!

  220. Megan Hine says:

    Would love this prize so I can cook up beautiful meals for my family.

  221. Michelle Arneson says:

    I have 4 very hungry kids. A slow cooker would help me to feed those hungry mouths. I would love to win the prize.

  222. Would love to win this for my son in law. I use McCormick in my slow cooker and never had a complaint so good

  223. Dinky says:

    Adult children x 2 plus granddaughter just moved back home. This would make my dinner prep a lot easier. Love to slow cook.

  224. Donna Casey says:

    I would love a new slow cooker to try out all the new recipes in the new book as well as old favorites.

  225. Erin Geladaris says:

    Would love to try some new recipes in a slow cooker. My family has grown and I’m desperate need of a bigger one.

  226. Ann Crawford says:

    Hubby says I don’t need another but he is so wrong. Love love love slow cooking.

  227. Kriss Dainer Nicholls says:

    I need another slow cooker so I can
    make bulk batches of meals to freeze.
    Pre made meals makes life easier at
    dinner time.

  228. McCormicks recipe bases are devine.
    My 6.5 ltr slow cooker bowl has a hair line crack in it, so to win one would be amazing .

  229. Deb Crisp says:

    I love using my slow cooker for anything I can. It’s too big for smaller dishes and a 5lt would be perfect for deserts! PLEASE!

  230. Sarah says:

    I’ve only just started using my slow cooker weekly and feel like another would help me expand my creativeness with meals.
    Or a great present for my mum 💖

  231. Debra Dean says:

    The combination of these two prizes enable me to cook nourishing meals for my teenagers, while i take one or all to various sports. They can feed themselves and I know they are eating good food.

  232. Kristy Duncan says:

    I’m working off one slow cooker, and would absolutely love a new one. I only use McCormicks as I find they are more flavorful than any other brand. Thanks for the opportunity

  233. Laura Seymour says:

    I’d like to win as slow cooking food, helps me balance work and home life. I’ve recently started exercising after work and I work full time. I am hoping to slow cook more meals so that when i get home from work, i can easily eat without much preparation. Winning this competition would allow me to be able to have it all!

  234. Teaghan says:

    My slowcooker has died. We’re very tight on funds at the moment due to hubby breaking both legs so he isn’t working. This would be such a help

  235. Claire Kelly says:

    One can never have too many slow cookers. Another addition would mean I could cook entree mains or desserts. What an entertainers delight.

  236. Chloe Macdonald says:

    I would love to win, I only have my mum’s very old hand me down slow cooker and can’t afford to buy a new one 😔

  237. Melissa says:

    My sunbeam slow cooker is 13 years old and still going strong although I’m aftit will die on me in the middle of cooking one of our favourite meals through winter and I’ll be stuck.

  238. Lee Davis says:

    Im tired of getting dinner on the table just before 11pm as Im out working 6 nights a week.Oldest son depends on me

  239. Chanel Blackaby says:

    With winter fast approaching it’s definitely time to pull out the slow cooker. I’d love to win this amazing pack to try some new flavours !

  240. Bonita Cooper says:

    Our slow cooker is soon turning 20yo, and is a bit iffy with the heat. New one would be fabulous. McCormick’s recipe bases are devine.

  241. Bree McGill says:

    I would love to win because I use my slow cooker everyday but it has just died and I am unable to buy a new one at the moment

  242. Michelle Bamess says:

    Because nothing is better than a tasty slow cooked meal, especially when you are always super busy!!!! Love slow cooking!!!

  243. Jodie Cailes says:

    I’d love a new slow cooker, as a full-time carer, anything that saves time’s a lifesaver. I’d love to try McCormicks recipe bases too.

  244. Lesley Smith says:

    Would love to try the new range, sound yummy.
    I need a bigger cooker, mines to small.

  245. Sue McCracken says:

    I would love to win a new Sunbeam slow cooker, my old one is getting tired from overuse! Love the McCormick slow cooker sachets. Quick and easy to use.

  246. Lynda says:

    My slow cooker has recently died. So I’d love to win a new one to continue to enjoy slow cooking. Thank you.

  247. Karissa Davis says:

    I’d absolutely love to win this purely because ever since discovering sc central my life has been heaven so many amazing recipes! And secondly because I never win anything so I have everything crossed 🤞🏼🤞🏼🤞🏼

  248. Emma says:

    Would love to try more slow cooker McCormick recipe bases. Also having two kids under two would be a.great time saver with a new slow cooker too!

  249. Lisa Ashdown says:

    Relocating to another state and currently living in our caravan. Winning this would make life a little easier in the confined space of the van

  250. Naomi vanderHeul says:

    Would love to upgrade my already well used slow cooker.

  251. Emma Duffy says:

    Moving house and being partially disabled, would love to be able just put dinner on in the morning and serve it up later.

  252. Penny Mclean says:

    Buy, chop, mix, set,forget,yum that’s my style of cooking. No hours slaving over a hot stove. I’m a slow cooker type of girl!

  253. DJ Stutley says:

    My 5.5 lt slow cooker bowl is now a pansy pot – looks lovely, but miss it terribly.

  254. Chelcie wilhelm says:

    I’d love to introduce more people to more flavours, to prove slow cooker food doesn’t all ‘taste the same.’

  255. Kelly Joyce says:

    I’m 35 weeks pregnant and winning this pack would help with meal prep before and after bubs arrival. And not have to accept mum’s over cooked steak haha.

  256. Penny says:

    Love my old slow cooker is my favourite winter (and year round) cooker and craft maker 😍 an updated cooker would help me make even more!

  257. Toni Pender-Ireland says:

    I would love a smaller slow cooker for my partner and myself for when our youngest finally leaves the nest.

  258. Jaime Cross says:

    I would like be to another family sized slow cooker to cook lots of yummy things over winter, my 7yo has a soup request list

  259. Tessa Edwards says:

    I need this to learn how to cook food that doesn’t taste terrible!

  260. Stephanie Mack says:

    I would love to have this so I can cook deserts and side dishes, especially with winter coming.

  261. Sharon Marotzek says:

    My son needs inspiration to cook and this pack would be perfect. Thanks for the opportunity Slow Cooker Central and McCormick.

  262. Theresa Gleeson says:

    My husband and I both work long hours and would love to come home to dinner already done!

  263. Leila Matthews says:

    As a mum of 4 and wife we need a large slow cooker to feed all the family dinner and lunches the next day.

  264. Sue Bay says:

    McCormack Recipe bases and Sunbeam, two of my go to’s to make slow cooking a dream!

  265. Nikkita Bradshaw says:

    I’d love another slow cooker to help with meal prep for the week using easy and tasty McCormick meal bases for connecting with loved ones.

  266. Ashika McGroarty says:

    The insert for my slow cooker recently cracked and I had to throw it out. Unfortunately am unable to buy a new one.

  267. The one I had when I was single no longer works but I had it for 40 years. So old It had a plastic lid!

  268. Elise Thompson says:

    I’m seriously obsessed with slow cooking 6 out of 7 nights I’m slow cooking! The more slow cookers the merrier I say!

  269. Please, I would love to win! I get home late each night from work and I never win anything . Love McCormack products !

  270. Laura Eaton says:

    I love slow cooking and would love to teach my partner to slow cook as well and meal bases and a new cooker would make this very easy

  271. Katherine Buck says:

    Family of 6 my last cooker just smashed and family loves meals cooked and love nanny braised steak

  272. Naomi says:

    A slow cooker always comes in handy
    To make it easy to feed my family
    Time poor & always out the door
    This machine is gift from heaven!!

  273. Tracy Wishart says:

    I would love to be able to try new dishes for my fussy kids with lots of veggies in it that are nice, quick and easy to make.

  274. Stephenie Lester says:

    Mother of 3 kids. Work fulltime and gone from house 7am to 7pm. Very time poor. Current slow cooker is a cheaply but does job.

  275. Tammy Marks says:

    This would be great for me to win as my sunbeam slow cooker has just retired. It was used at least 4 time a week every week and I had it for years

  276. Suzanne Baskett says:

    I would love a new slow cooker as the one I have I received for my 21st in 1979, would hate to be without it.

  277. Casey Robertson says:

    Some members of my family can be picky eaters so being able to slow cook two meals at once would be awesome!

  278. Rebecca McIntyre says:

    My 10yr old daughter and I love to cook fudge among other things together in our slow Cooker but unfortunately ours recently died.

  279. Sarah Jarvis says:

    Im a shiftworking mum of 5. This would make my life complete.

  280. Jo Smith says:

    I have 4 teenager and work full time so i need as much help in the kitchen as i can get. Ohhh and i am single mum

  281. Melanie swansson says:

    Id love to win to create new meals in my favourite appliance.

  282. Melissa Kane says:

    Novice slow cooker, needs a clue, these recipe bases and easy to use slow cooker will have me an expert in no time

  283. Kimberley Penberthy says:

    I would love to win as I am new to slow cooking and would live to try new recipes and flavors

  284. Lisa Wright says:

    Having 3 Beautiful full on young boys life doesn’t stop. Dinner time is mayhem. a slow cooker will allow me more time with them.

  285. Belinda Mickleson says:

    I have kids. Legally I need to feed them. Enough said.

  286. Sam McFarlane says:

    Bub number three is due this winter. This would allow me to meal prep for when I’m in hospital and hubby can feed the broad.

  287. Michelle G says:

    I’m always keen to try new recipes for the slow cooker!!! My current slow cooker can’t keep up with all the goodies for my huge family..

  288. Amanda says:

    My old beauty was a sunbeam but it died… My one now is round and doesn’t fit long cuts in… have a houseful of boys!

  289. Loren Harris says:

    Roses are red violets are blue
    I’ve always wanted a slow cooker for a Sunday roast or beef stew
    Delicious soup or a pasta dish
    Having a slow cooker is my only wish
    Cooking up a storm for my family and friends
    Having a slow cooker the fun ever ends

  290. Yvette Copley says:

    I love trying new recipes in my slow cooker. Having 2 cookers would also mean I can cook and freeze for lunches.

  291. Mandy Newell says:

    I would really love to win a new slow cooker as mine is broken and I miss my meals I cooked in it

  292. Ronita Gardner says:

    I use my slow cooker all the time and would love a new one so I can prepare two things at once

  293. Kylee Fletcher says:

    I would love to start doing meal prepping to save more money for the family and to just make working/mum life easier

  294. Sharon Fletcher says:

    It would be great to have a second slow cooker to be able to stock the freezer with prepared meals for the busy times.

  295. Yvonne foster says:

    I would love to win this. I am time poor. I’m working full-time and looking after my husband who is really ill.

  296. Jessica Burns says:

    My slow cooker has just died and would love to win a new one in time for winter for all the comforting meals it makes!

  297. Deb says:

    I’m a crap cook. Need all the help I can get!

  298. I would live this fabulous prize to learn and teach my youngest boy to cook slow cooker meals and eat together as a family.

  299. June Hylard says:

    It would come in handy as we live with our daughter and her family and I only have a small slow cooker.

  300. Megan Chappelow says:

    Im about to have my 3rd baby under 4, so a new slowcoojer would be a life saver 😍

  301. Dani Nonkovic says:

    Slow cooking is what I desire
    This will help me keep the fire
    Burning strong in my kitchen
    Slow cooking is truly bitchin’!

  302. Belinda Brekelmans says:

    I would love to try the McCormick recipe bases, plus another slow cooker means more recipes I can try from my Slow Cooker Central books

  303. Karen Stuckings says:

    No matter if its beef, lamb or chicken McCormick has you covered with great flavours. Anyone would be lucky to win this great prize pack

  304. Susann Cheung says:

    For a family of 4, we would love to win a 5.5L to join my 3.5L. Heard amazing things about the Sunbeam on FB page.

  305. my Old sunbeam slow cooker is on its last legs this would be perfect going into winter busy school mums need slow cookers 😬

  306. Tamara Lunson says:

    I would love to win so I can have meals ready for when I get home from work. Slow cookers are the best.

  307. Elizabeth Turski says:

    I would love to update my slow-cooking with this beautiful new Sunbeam slow-cooker and McCormick always has the best flavoured recipes which make a working mums life so much easier. I use my slow cooker all year round because it is so helpful for our family and I am really overdue for a new one… This prize would be fantastic!

  308. Julie smith says:

    I would love a new slow cooker as im using my nanas old one cant bring myself to throw it out and moneys tight at moment to get new one

  309. Sarah McBryde says:

    I’m honestly exhausted with trying new meals only to have the response “it’s disgusting”.

  310. Julie says:

    This slow cooker is just what my household needs especially to try the McCormik foods, I am so inspired buy all the recipe and friendly advice on this Website

  311. Caitlyn says:

    I would love to be able to try out a bunch of new recipes I’ve never tried before!

  312. Trudy says:

    With winter coming and so many great reipes to try life would be easier with another slow cooker

  313. Trudy says:

    With winter coming and lots of new reipes to try would be great to have another slow cooker

  314. Nicole Marie Williams says:

    My current slow cooker is as old as my son (11) and needs a larger upgrade.

  315. Samantha Ott says:

    My life has got so busy lately and lunch and dinner time is hard to workout what to cook I’m getting sick off takeaway on busy nights

  316. Peta Wing says:

    I would love to win this as slow cook meals are the best for my family of 6, and would love to do more!

  317. Kasey Griffiths says:

    Would love to win this as I love how it makes cooking meals so easy for our family. Needing an upgrade in bigger pot, that’d be wonderful. Please.

  318. Jen Slater says:

    My old slow cooker is running hot on one side and burning everything, so it would be great to win a new one and use all those yummy McCormick recipe vases 😋

  319. Rita Fiorentino says:

    I would love to win this for my daughter as she works nights and would help with family meals and I get to keep mine

  320. Carolyn Waugh says:

    Always busy with work. Husband works shifts and two busy teens. SC means we can all still have a lovely meal at different times!

  321. Nikki Whyte says:

    What’s better than a slow cooker?? 2 slow cookers!! With growing boys i really need 2. Plus McCormick’s flavors are delish!

  322. Melissa Morris says:

    My 11 year old son has discovered a passion for cooking since doing food tech as part of his High School transitions for next year and would love a slow cooker of his own to cook and create healthy dishes that taste good.

  323. Cassandra price says:

    Because winter will be here soon and my son tried to help me get my slow cooker out and dropped it 😢

  324. Jordan newman says:

    With a hubby who works away, a newborn, 1yo and 3yo life is pretty hectic for me! This would really help ease my afternoon dinner stress.

  325. Rhianna Ebrill says:

    Single busy mummy to three. Footy training, dancing most avro’s and i work nights. So the slowcooker gets a work out, could do with a new one and always love a mccormicke sachets they are one of my favs.

  326. Caitlin Galbraith says:

    My sister recently broke her slow cooker and her birthdays coming up so I’d love to give her a new one.

  327. Rose-Marie Salem says:

    I would love to win this so i can teach my son how to use the slowcooker to make cakes stews bakes and other yummy treats 😊

  328. Vicki says:

    Great inspiration to get my winter slower cooker on and to turn it up a notch

  329. Denice Milbourne says:

    With 4 always hungry boys, I would love to be able to retire our old slow cooker and replace with an awesome Sunbeam slow cooker.

  330. Samantha says:

    Being able to cook dinner and dessert at the same time would be amazing and would love to teach my daughter how to slowcook.

  331. Sheryl Rees says:

    As a shift worker there is nothing more exhausting than coming off an 8 hour shift and to get the energy to cook dinner. To have a meal cooking while at work is a dream …

  332. alison Jordin says:

    Am loving trying out new slow cooker recipes.

  333. R Williams says:

    I have just gone back to work full time (after being on maternity leave), Hubby is FIFO and i find the kids and i are not getting home until 5/5.50PM… which time the kids are RAVENOUS!!!! Need to make my life easier and have dinner ready when for when we get home.

  334. Would love to win as the best meals come from a slow cooker and everyone loves to eat them.

  335. Gillian Beckman says:

    I would love this for my daughter (it is the same as mine) as she has moved to her new home and is pregnant.

  336. Amanda Cain says:

    Love this community! McCormick bases are delicious always willing to try new ones. If I win I could then say winner winner chicken dinner!!!

  337. Phillie McDougall says:

    My old faithful slow cooker has recently died would love a new one in time for the colder months.

  338. Sam Steelgrave says:

    I need a slow cooker so I can end a cold and wet commute from Melbourne CBD and come home to hot, super delicious & nutritious meals that I can share with the family.


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