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After the phenomenal success of our first 3 books ‘Slow Cooker Central‘, ‘Slow Cooker Central 2‘, and ‘Slow Cooker Central – Super Savers’, all of which went straight to the top of the Australian Best Seller Charts, are all loved and shared by so many and are on book shelves all over the world … it’s time to turn our attention to what’s next.

We are thrilled to announce the next addition to your favourite Slow Cooker Central collection!

Book 4 – Slow Cooker Central KIDS!

Recently we polled members of our Facebook Group to ask what you wanted to see in our next books … and we listened 🙂

More than anything else you wanted recipes for kids!
Recipes that kids will actually eat – but also ones they can help cook too 🙂

That doesn’t mean the recipes aren’t suitable for folks of all ages still of course,  it just means that they will suit ALL tastes, even fussy kids included 🙂
So nothing too exotic or spicy – just great tasting, yummy food on the table or in lunchboxes or as snacks or desserts.

Also nothing too complicated … because not only do we want recipes that your little ones will love to eat – but we also want to encourage them to get into the kitchen and cook them with you!!
What a great skill to teach your young ones – and what a great activity to do with them for quality time together, that at the end also produces a great outcome that the whole family can then enjoy eating 🙂

From Slow Cooker Central KIDS you can expect a book jam packed of recipes across all meals of the day as well as treats, lunchboxes and desserts and even some fun craft recipes too!

Whether you have kids in your life you want to encourage to cook, kids who are already great cooks and want to see their name and recipe in our books … or just kids you want to EAT WHAT YOU SERVE THEM 😉 … this book is for you!



And some things will remain the same – because so so many of you love it just the way it is! 🙂

– This book will still contain recipes from both myself (50 minimum) and those submitted by our members. ABC books will again hold their competition where you the member may choose to submit your recipe for inclusion in this new book.  It’s totally up to you if you want to be involved.
If you want to see your name, your recipe and your recipe introduction in our next bestseller … start planning now and creating some great kids recipes or sharing those you already know and love!


– This book will still feature a comprehensive index and chapter groupings across all styles of recipes and meal types that you’ll want to slow cook

– This book will still feature a large section on slow cooking tips and info for all your slow cooking needs

– This book will be without pictures, just like our others, because we believe in real food for real people and we’d rather devote more space to more great recipes instead of glossy styled photos no one can hope to replicate in real kitchens.  This also keeps our book price down and it’s important for us to keep the books affordable for the every day family 🙂

Book 4 anticipated release date: June 2018

We will update here with more details as they come to hand and a direct link where you can enter.
I’m so excited to once again begin this journey with you all!

Again the link to enter is HERE

Don’t forget you can purchase books 1 and 2 (and soon 3) from our website shop here
Details on other book 1 stockists here 
Details on other book 2 stockists here 
Details on other book 3 stockists here 


Happy Slow Cooking!!!




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  1. Ros says:

    Congratulations Paulene. Im sure your family is extremely proud of you as you should be yourself. Such a huge accomplishment you deserve all the accolades you are receiving. Congratulations again and bring on 2018/19.

  2. Ellen Polomka says:

    Congratulations Paulene. Will be waiting eith baited breath. 🍝🍜🍝🍜
    I just love your books.

  3. Anna Jones says:

    Congrats Paulene! You are the legend of the slow cooker world. Cant wait for books 4 and 5. 🍽

  4. Martin Brown says:

    I’m keen to get the rest of the books for mum for xmas 🙂


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