Sweet potato & cashew nut dip chicken

A creamy chicken dish based on sweet potato dip and coconut cream

Pork Bolognaise

Pork mince pasta

Potato Dauphinoise

A lush creamy slow cooked potato bake!

Beef casserole

This is lovely with a crunchy bread roll

Panang Beef Curry

Add more or less ingredients to suit your taste.

Mexican Chicken

Quick and easy Mexican chicken twist.

Meatballs and Sauce

Created and made from scratch by my 7-year old son Michael who has developed a love for cooking, and a passion for flavours.

Healthy Banana Cake

A healthy recipe for a classic cake.

Coconut Pie

A very easy dessert to make. You basically mix all the ingredients together and put in the slow cooker ....2 hours later a delicious treat

Granddad’s pomme de terres dauphinnoise

A garlicky, creamy and rich potato bake by the best chef I ever had the privilege of learning from my Granddad

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